Monday, March 19, 2012


I got my laptop back from my ex, he fixed and put supertux on it. Which is super mario bros, but with a penguin, snow balls and ice cubes instead of mushrooms and turtles. I am sure I have had way too much to eat today, but also too much to drink, feeling a littttttle bit tipsy. Chilled. Anyway, so I shall be going into the blogs now :) and also, the magical with ana as a side effect drug is called fluxetine. I don't think it will be helpful to my non SA blog flowers, since I know we have different laws here with regards to pharmaceuticals, for example Codene. I believe that codene is prescription only in the US, however here in sunny South Africa, we can have as much of the damn stuff as we want. And let me tell you, on a hangover coupled with a about six of those bad boys.


Love & Wine
Xo Xo


Anonymous said...

HAHA!! I wish we had that here :/ it is what it is.

I have been drinking a lot of alcohol lately, I need to stop it.. But it's just so damn fun!!

Anyways, glad to see that you are doing ok, babe.

You've been on my mind.

Stay strong.

loveylou said...

Holy crap what a dream come true drug!! haha Codeine is a lot of fun too, usually makes me too sick to my stomach to eat, but it also makes me giggly and happy, maybe delirious? oh well it feels wonderful!
I'm glad your having a wonderful time by the sounds of it! You had me pretty worried for a while!!
I never knew you lived in SA until your last few posts! That's rad! Where I am we have snow... which is not typical for the first day of spring but none the less, there's a a decent amount of sprinkling on the tree tops! Crazy right!
I've never heard of Supertux but it sounds SWEET! i LOVE penguins, I think they are absolutely adorable haha I'm going to look it up online so I can play!
love always,

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure we have fluxetine here, it's a prescription anti-depressant. I didn't realise annorexia was a side effect though.
I take medication for migraines that is meant to reduce appetite as a side effect but it doesn't seem to do that anymore :(
Alice xx

❤ ♥ Sam [Misha] Lupin ❥ ❣ said...

i'm pretty sure you'll still adorable. <3
that doesn't even exist here me thinks. i'll check it in. and if it does, they'll probably ask sixteen-year-old Sammy for 'what's your age and where is your prescription?'
that would make my anxiety just wayyyy better >_<.
love and George,
Sam Lupin. <3

Judith Marie said...

Oh, see I don't ever think much of fluoxetine! Which is what we call it here in NZ. All I can think of when it comes to psych medications is that olanzapine makes you gain heaps of weight. I am starting psych next week, will tell you about it!

Ohhh, funny, in NZ, some people regard codeine as the root of all evil. It's prescription only and on the surgical wards, is known for constipating everything that moves. So we give it to the patients with diarrhoea. Lol. Every cloud and all that.

Sorry for the medical spew. Glad to hear you sounding more upbeat!

Love you and miss you heaps,
-Judith Marie