Monday, March 12, 2012

Unicorns AHOY!

What a weekend. I won't go into much detail about it, suffice to say however that I met a Unicorn. He literally looks like a unicorn... He is tall, long blonde hair, nice body and just is totally pure and good. I went to this party... and excuse me if I hippie out on the description. It was up in the mountains, well... on the slopes of the mountain. The wind was howling big clouds of dust everywhere and I met him while we were standing around waiting for the night to start - anyway, so I claimed ownership of him for the evening. He carried me around and granted me wishes :) Not literally of course. ANYWAY - now I know I have said on numerous occasions that boys with long hair freak me the fuck out, but this is different somehow - maybe it is because he is so blonde... maybe :) He is exactly what I need - pretty and stupid.

Last night my retarded ex decided to show up on my doorstep at 3am telling me about how his new girlfriend is such a fail whore wank wank. Why is it fucking now that I am moving on and getting over him - now he fucking wants to be around me. Can't a girl just have a unicorn in peace? Speaking of, I am seeing my unicorn tomorrow... ^_^

I just saw my ED specialist WHORE now. And fuck her. She can't remember shit about me, nor can she actually take notes properly. She asked how my laxative abuse and self induced vomiting was coming along? I was like dude! ARE YOU KIDDING!? Anyway long story short, she can go fuck herself.

I weighed in at 58.3kg yesterday. I forgot to weigh today, but so far I have had two lattes with honey (100), BBQ chicken fillets (140), a caprese salad, a mini chocolate muffin, two cocktail gherkins and a rice thin. So right now I am at around 500 cals. Hoping I can stay here for today. OR at least if I must eat more (NO SUCH THING AS MUST) - keep it below 200 for 'dinner.'

Love & Unicorn
Xo Xo


Zasha said...

Sounds like an awesome party with your unicorn friend haha :)
And the specialist sounds really unprofessional. that would annoy me if she couldnt remember shit about anything.

Shrinkwrapped said...

Your ex can go fuck himself. You deserve better--have fun with the unicorn. :)

And holy fuck, that specialist sounds terrible. How the hell does she still have a job? On the one hand, it's great that she's not forcing you into any kind of treatment, so her total lack of competency is useful. On the other, you should complain--see if you can get the bitch fired or at least reprimanded. If she's this shitty with people who actually want to recover... well, fuck. That can get dangerous if she doesn't know what's going on.

Stay strong! I'm on the a three-day fast after hella binging yesterday, and your weight is seriously inspiring me. I'm like five inches shorter and eight pounds heavier than you at this point. That'll change, though. Strength through the hunger. <3

Anonymous said...

Dude get a new ed spacialist. Its her job to remember you and help you and she cant even do that? wow. Some people should not be in their professions.
Boys are stupid. Thats just the conclusion to everything. They really are. And they have terrible timing.
Have fun with your unicorn friend :)

Cryotaneko said...

See, if it was me talking to the ED specialist, I would have been like.

"The vomiting decided to incude itself, and the laxative abuse has gotten physical."

I'm a very sarcastic person.

Rachel said...

Hah, I love that you call him a unicorn :) He sounds hot. Your specialist, however, sounds frustrating as hell.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA! That's awesome. I want a unicorn... But can mine have dark hair and love coffee?
Anyway, that ED specialist is lame. It's her job to remember you and work with you, not you reminding her. And ex's tend to do that >.<
Take care <3