Monday, May 6, 2013

Finally - A WIN!

I suppose this weekend has ended up being the tiniest bit of a bust... I mean - I haven't really done anything of significance really. Yesterday, I went to a friends house and we sat in the sun, had a few drinks and way too much food. So basically, the first day of my 500 cal vibes failed miserably. I made sure that today went better. I have had a bowl of low-cal stew and some tzatziki with tomato - so I'm guestimating about 400 cals max for the day. I've bought and made my lunch for tomorrow and dinner for tomorrow So today was good, tomorrow will be better. My goal for the week is to reach 65 by the end of the week. Today I was just under 66, so it should be doable. I can't believe I'm so high again. I can do this. I need to get skinny before I can cut my hair. When I reach 60 flat - I'm going to cut all my hair off. My hair is pretty long at the moment... Like by my nipples kind of long. I want to go Rhianna. Like short on the sides and long in front. The other goal for the week of course is to find out Ginger's name. The guy from my office. I have one week to get skinny before the pub quiz. Hopefully, with 500 cal a day diet - I'll be able to get a little bit thinner than 65 only. God, okay so not really much to contribute. Oh, Mikhaila and Arbie broke up. Sad, sad panda. He broke up with her over the phone after 2 years of dating. What a cunt.

Peace & Love 
Xo Xo


Anonymous said...

Hey! I have missed you. Seems you are doing pretty amazing, my love.

I'm back.. again.


Anonymous said...
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Ashley Nichole said...

Well, you never know, anything goes with love. It's funny because sometimes you see the "happiest" couple and then a few years go by and they break up. On the other hand, you can find an "unhappy" couple, who bickers and fights, and they stay together for a lifetime. Who knows?

Good luck with the diet, and I say the new hair will be something great to look forward too. My hair was a little long, say past shoulder length, and this weekend I decided I wanted to cut it myself! So I did, and failed miserably so I had to get it fixed and now it is short and fabulous!

Also, on the last post, I think not being negative is a really good goal, but a hard one. Love again is hard; I still think about my ex from time to time. Last night I was sick and in bed at 9pm (lol), but couldn't fall asleep because i was either sweating or shivering, and couldn't get comfortable. But I just kept thinking about him, and his pretty face, and sexy body. I pictured us back in the day and wished so so so bad he would just show up at my apartment with flowers and ask me to be back with him. We had a lot of problems though, and this probably happened for a good reason. Further, being single and not mingling doesn't help my moving on situation either! Anyways, I had a comment typed for your last blog, and I hit send and the internet gave out, so I didn't check, but I don't think it sent. You can just imagine what I could have said in the moment of yesterday.

ꜛⱴאּ Sⱥm ŁupiƝ ҂ said...

haven't done anything of significance? welcome to my life dammit.
i consider it as an achievement to shower every day.
you painted a nice setting. there can never be too much food, FP shhhh
i love the word guesstimating so much
and by so high you mean still thinner than me by like a long shot
and by a long shot i mean a whole 4-5 kilos. also you are many inches taller than 5'2" me.
you just had to mention your nipples.
you said that in your last post
cut him some slack. id be a cunt too if my name was fucking Arbie
what is that
sounds like a very badly designed car

~Sam Lupin

Nina Green said...

Hi Im a new follower,

Good Luck with your new diet plan. with respects to counting calories there's this app called my fitness pal which is great for doing that and is really accurate. might make things a whole load easier for you. Also its hard to restrict during summer so well done on doing well today :)