Friday, May 24, 2013

Sometimes People Disappoint

Last night I stalked my office crush on facebook. This morning I felt so guilty about it... Like I was literally acting like a crazy stalker to the point that I couldn't talk to him. What I realised however is that he unfortunately falls into the same category as Joe. British and entitled. Also, his facebook seems to indicate that he is exceptionally pretentious. This of course is a massive disappointment. Basically, the bottom line now is that I'm so NOT crushing on him anymore. He is a pretentious twat. One such example from his facebook is his drop dead gorgeous girlfriend named Georgina. Beautiful name and guess what? She looks like a fucking super model. Just gorgeous and stylish. Fuck sakes. In addition to the predictably gorgeous girlfriend is the fact that he had an album which was called 'Black and White Film - Awesome as Fuck'. Yeah. You're not awesome. You're pretentious. Basically - this just says to me that he is so far up his own ass, he thinks his mouth is the sun. Anyway, I can't say that I'm upset about it. It just goes to show that sometimes people will disappoint you and it's good to have a sense of confidence about yourself to the extent that you can actually turn around and just be like - hey, you know what? You're not the kind of person that I want to be around. Life lessons. Let go or be dragged.

In other amazing news - I've only had about 600 cals again today. Which means that today is another successful day without a binge. I had half a banana for breakfast, a salad for lunch and chicken soup for dinner - obviously there was tea involved. And guess what? I haven't been hungry. I weighed in at 63.5 this morning. So we are going strong with the weight loss. I had totally foreseen a binge in my Friday night, but then I had my hair consultation. I'm not sure what it is about hair salons, but the stylists always make you feel ugly and fat. So true. SO true. So because I am the model for this thing on Tuesday and my hair is so long. Tomorrow I'm going in for the colour and a mini cut. Basically they are chopping off all my hair tomorrow in a short style, but not as short as it going to end up. And then on Tuesday, I go in for the actual model demo thing, where she will cut my hair in the short pixie cut thing. So I'll post a before and after tomorrow and then all three on Tuesday after the whole thing is done. But yeah. It's pretty cool. I just hope the hair cut I get tomorrow is nice-ish so that I don't have to walk around for like three days with a nob haircut. But it is with the Toni & Guy salon, so I'm sure it will be okay. They want to make my hair darker though - dirty blonde is the colour they said. I'm not overly keen on a darker blonde colour as I like my white blonde locks. But hey, I'm getting it done for free, so WHATEVS. Additionally, they are putting some violet in it too, which will only be semi-permanent and will wash out in a few washes, so it really isn't going to be reasonably awesome. I'm excited and nervous. GOODBYE long ugly hair. Hello fresh and cool. I showed my boss the picture today of what I want my hair to look like because we were having a convo about hair cuts - she also wants a new do. And she said that she isn't cool enough to pull off that hair. Does that mean that I'm cool? Or that I THINK I'm cool enough to pull it off... Either way, I don't care. I'm going to rock it. And I'm going to rock it hard. :D Wish me luck?

Violet & Blonde
Xo Xo


PrettyLies said...

Egh, pricks with supermodel girlfriends. Good riddance. Oooh I'm excited to see your hair! I should do something with mine, it's so boring. My friend suggested. blonde. if i were to do blonde it would either be caramel, or like, pale ice blonde, Dakota Fanning-esque. Not sure I want that permanently though.

Lena said...

Good luck hun! Very much looking forward to the pictures :)

Jamie said...

Good Luck, It sounds like your hair is going to be amazing. My BFF was a hair model for a friend and her hair looked brilliant after it was done.

Atty said...

Wow Piggy I haven't been on your blog in a WHILE! I've fallen off the wagon again but reading through your blog inspires me again