Monday, May 27, 2013

What's the update?

I have nothing major to report today - except that I can't wait for my hair to be finished tomorrow, I spent a shiton of money buying groceries today and then even more on ebay buying clothes - at least I know a size 8 (US 4) fits decently now. I've got my meals for the week planned out - so it should all be fine. After my carb binge yesterday - I'm not even going to tell you guys what my weight was this morning, because it was a scary mutha fucken number - But I am hoping that it is just food weight and that after a day or two it will return to normal. Today so far - I had two lighted breaded cod fillets (520 - I KNOW :( ) and I'm going to have a mango, because i've been craving mango - so my total for today will be around 700. Which isn't bad. I hope I'm looking skinny for tomorrow - I don't want to disappoint at this hair demo - I want to be as skinny looking as I possibly can be. I suppose that is all I really have to contribute today. I've decided that I'm not going to drink for a couple of months... After my amazingly disastrous hangover yesterday - my body obviously HATES liquor. So, it's time to give it up. Also found out that one of my friends has cancer. He is 27, but the prognosis is very good. It was still quite a shock. It makes me think about all the things I put my body through... Enough to stop this madness? Hardly. 

Love & MANGO! 
Xo Xo


Ashley Nichole said...

Awe, well I'm sure you're doing great! I've been kind of depressed and eating the world out of its home!

Good luck with your goals, you're always improving and inspiring the world. <3

Jade said...

Good luck on giving up the liquor! I always say that after a bad hangover! Literally I said it last week :D

Sorry to hear about your friend :( But I'm glad things look promising for him.

Your hair looks awesome and I can't wait to see the final outcome! I was a hair model once! Was tons of fun though I didn't get any fun color!

And I MUST ask....the picture in this post....who is that sexy person!? A particular model or just a picture you found? I'm in love <3

TamaKocho said...

Oh clothes shopping, what an addiction it can be, lol. Hope it all works out. I wish I had any kind of hope for US 4s, but I'll be lucky if I can eventually fit sizes 6s, heh.

Good luck with the alcohol. I've never had a hangover (Thank goodness), but I've definitely reduced my consumption since starting my journey, and I think it helps. It also saves you a bunch of money to be spent on more clooothes! Either way, make the decision and stick to it! I believe you can do it. c=

Can't wait to see your final hair cut/style. It already looks great, so it can only get better.

Sorry to hear about your friend... Cancer sucks. Hope things work out for them. xox

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