Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Is this how it was?

I don't how many of you that read this dribble have gone through what I'm currently and have been going through for the last six months, which is reaching the UGW and then piling the weight back on like a fat piggy trying to lose it again at every turn. But this is what has happened to me. Now I've had some minimal success, but nothing major - nothing close to getting back to where I was six months ago. Anyway, my point is that sometimes I find it hard to remember all the work and dedication that went into losing it in the first place. I mean - as far as I remember, I lost it reasonably quickly. Well... never quickly fucking enough - but faster than now - which has been a long and arduous process. Anyway, but it just seems like it's never going to happen. But I've still got my goal of those shorts before Leeds festival which is... Three months and a half months away. I know I can do it by then. Yesterday was good but not great. I did end up binging on fruits. So cals were probably quite high, but I stuck to the no carb/fats rule. Today has been better. I had a banana for breakfast, a tall skinny latte from starbucks. A salad for lunch, an orange and a soup for dinner. All in all today - even though that sounds like a shiton of food - it was only about 700 calories. Which is great. Yesterday when I weighed in I was at 55.3. I forgot to weigh this morning. I am hoping for 55 flat tomorrow. Which means - with some dedication - I can be 54 by Monday. Fuck yeah. 

I still haven't found out Ginger's name yet. Although, he shaved off his beard and cut his hair. He doesn't look cute anymore. So I'm mostly not interested. Thanks for all the comments from you guys, especially the forever loyals, You know who you are and I love you forever. 

Peace & Love
Xo Xo


Ashley Nichole said...

The ginger is too funny!

My weight is always going up and down. I will get it down and look good and then I will forget that I still need to work at it or something and get right back to where I started. At the current moment I don't know what my problem is because I've been exercising and eating reasonably but still have some belly fat chilling out on my stomach.

Wish you the best!

Jamie said...
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Jamie said...

It happens to me all the time. Sometimes it even ends up being more than I lost *hides under the bed*
I'm still getting back into my old groove but not fast enough. Hope you have a great day.

ꜛⱴאּ Sⱥm ŁupiƝ ҂ said...

i have put on some of the weight i've lost back but not all of it. gone from 142.5 to 165 i think before my college started
i weighed in at 155.3 yesterday so thats...something? hmm
Starbucks <3
how the fuck did you get to 55 already
am i really that dissociated from reality :P (had to make a joke about my depression like the idiot i am)
baby that's evil xD
-Sam Lupin

die2be said...

keep up the good work!
stay stong!

Skylar Rainn said...

I was 114 flat and now I'm stuck between 118 and 117.8 lb and it's super frustrating. It was very easy before but the thing for me is I'm not running from campus to campus at uni right now so I'm not moving so much. The only way I'm getting down and seeing decent results is by eating less than 500 kcal a day and drinking a ridiculous amount of coffee! Just hang in there, stick with it!! xxxx

Nina Green said...

The weight thing happens to all of us. For me i lost over 2 stones in two months then gained it back over a month. Then gained an extra stone over three months. Its taken me 3 years and i still havent managed to get back to my goal weight. I lose a stone, then gain it. The cycle of my life!

This time i wont be so silly to let it creep back on.

Your diet sounds good babe.

Wish you all the best

New follower, Nina

Ana Brown said...

I do the same thing. My weight goes up and down so often and it drives me crazy! Stay Strong!