Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The 3 Worst Things in One Person

I swear to god I thought I was going to fucking explode on the tube ride home. WHAT THE FUCK WAS HER PROBLEM. She was short, fat, with curly mousey brown hair with a BAD fucking haircut, shitty clothes, old, FAT and the worst of it all. She was chewing fucking gum like a goddamn cow. I don't understand you old fat bitch why the fuck the rest of us have to look at the chewed up molasses rolling around in your wide open TRAP! Fuck sakes. I mean she looked like a fucking aged cast members mother from Jersey Shore although at least in that scenario she would have a better hair cut. You know when people with curly hair cut bangs? And because it is curly, it sticks out on the side. Ohhhhhh myyy god! I can't deal. FUCK YOU GUM CHEWING BAD HAIR DAY ON FEET! 

Anyway, that aside - today was not a great day for food - I got stuck into the peanut butter jar - in a big way. So I'm sure I had quite a lot of calories in peanut butter. Other than that, I had a bit of leftover vegetable curry for dinner, a super light salad for lunch, half a banana and some tea - so milk. I wish I hadn't gone into that peanut butter. Sammy, you know my pain. ANYWAY, so this morning I weighed in at 64.9 which is 0.1 higher than yesterday. So tomorrow, with my peanut butter binge, I'm hoping it will be lower than that, but realistically it will probably be higher. Although I did walk a shiton today and running for fucking trains up stairs, never get's old. JOKES! It totally does. 

And to respond to the comments from my last blog, I'll do a before and after with my hair. :)

Love & Peanut Butter
Xo Xo


ShyBones said...

Someone else who knows my pain of running for the tube :)

Lena said...

Woot! regarding the before and afters :)
Peanut butter is my weakness too. Why is it so fantastic?

Ashley Nichole said...

I have been eating peanut butter like it's going out of style. I have been stressing out and completely out of my mind the last couple of days.

Fuck that lady with the shitty hair cut. If she wants to be a total slob then go her! She is allowed to and at least we are not her. I know what you mean though, yesterday I went to a Styx concert and there was this fat lady in front of me. Ugly as hell and she was drinking her beer and making remarks about this and that. All I could think is "how do you get that fucking fat you little fat slobby person!"

I know that is awful to say, but I didn't say it, I thought it. Then I wonder why I dislike people so much. Maybe because there is something to dislike about them and I just happen to have the worst luck of many people and it eats at me like sin. I have been eating peanut butter and drinking way to much coffee and on top of it, I think I've gained some weight because of my slobbyness, at least I'm not like the really fat people, thank god!

Lena said...

I saw the guy with the WORST hair on the bus just now, and it made me think of your post. Half was up in a mini ponytail, and the other half was some sort of super long bang-type-thing all swept to one side. It was terrible.

ElaAhava said...

you're hilarious! Some people just need to stop being so damn obnoxious. Me and peanut butter also have a love hate relationship, it just stands there in the cabinet taunting me all day! Honestly, maybe it would be better if you stopped keeping peanut butter in the house? Then it wouldn't tempt you (:

ꜛⱴאּ Sⱥm ŁupiƝ ҂ said...

bb i didn't know you hated brunettes so much
my Mother used to cut bangs for me and my hair was like obnxiously curly back then. now it's less curly but fuck.
oh. looks like you found me. i didn't think you'd miss me that much bb.
for once, i've been reading posts about people eating peanut butter more than me.
okay the Reese's i had yesterday SO DID NOT COUNT.
(yes it did)
omg Reese's and i have been having a long lasting relationship. PEANUT BUTTER AND CHOCOLATE what more can i fucking want in life
of course i know your pain omg
nope nope
peanut butter is magic food. nobody gains on peanut butters.
-Sam Lupin

Anonymous said...

you should have kicked that girl in her vagina.. You are simply the most amazing person I have ever met.

Ana Brown said...

I'm excited to see how your haircut turns out!