Saturday, November 7, 2015


I did literally jackshit today. I was SO hungry today, but I managed to control it. I had a chicken sandwich (400 cals), one slice of toast with tuna (180) and a herbalife shake (130). My total with milk from my tea et al was 737. I'm happy with that. 

I've also discovered that my scale is fucked. I weighed myself four times today, letting the scale switch off between weighs and got four different weights. Great. Fucking MARV! So now I need to get a new scale when I get paid. Great. 

Tomorrow is meant to be a cheat day, because I thought that it was going to be 7 days no binge. But I did binge last Sunday. So I'm going to let myself have cheat food now when I get below 70kg. Which should hopefully be soon. So here we go. Day 6 no binge. 

I did not see Colbey today so y'all can breathe a sigh of relief, no Colbey chatter - I did however use my motivation tool today to keep myself in good order i.e. looking at pics of his perfect whore ex! STICK INSECT WITH NO SOUL!

Striving to be skinny & Crying to be loved
Xo Xo

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Bella said...

'Tea et al.' I love it!