Thursday, November 26, 2015


The bloggersphere is well and truly dead for the holidays... Ruby and I seem to be the only two that are posting. Although, the level of interest in my blog probably mirrors the amount of stuff that I have to say, which is arguably not much. 

Today, I spoke to a couple of recruiters about jobs, although I have a bit of follow up work to do from other jobs and a contract in the pipeline due to start next week. Sigh. I just need to finish my book. I will, I will, I will. 

I also started the 30-day yoga challenge today. So day 1 is done. I'm so inflexible, it's a joke. I can't bend at all and my body is so broken from judo and other stupid endeavors. Christmas break is drawing closer and closer, and I don't think I'm going to snowboard. I don't want to die. BUT I do want to finish a script for a tv series for this competition I saw... I have an idea. 

*evil genius maniacal laugh* MWAHAHAHA! 

Where is everyone? Seriously, I'm talking to myself. 

Going Crazy & Gone Fishing?
Xo Xo 


Bella said...

I know, right?! Just wait until January... The blogosphere definitely works in cycles.

I've been meaning to get back into yoga lately. Might have to look up this challenge.


Eve said...

I'm around. :) just reading lately. I've started a few posts and scrapped them because I guess what's gone on has sort of been something I've kept close to myself and been unable to verbalize, but I comment occasionally and hope people are around to read when I'm finally able to wrote something decent.

Cally C. said...

I'm still around too! Thanks for reading and commenting latel. <3

Lolita said...

I'm somewhat still around. 9 posts for November. I just don't really have much to say at the moment. Although I am currently trying to type something, anything.
Definitely agree with Bella. January definitely brings an influx of people; my views for that month skyrocketed.

Good luck with your tv script. xx

Jax said...

Yeah, I haven't been posting much lately. I'll probably be posting a lot more now though cause I'm finishing my semester this week.

Good luck with the writing endeavors, it takes a lot of discipline and I admire you for chasing your goals. What is the book about?


This is me said...

Hey I just started getting into blogging and I was wondering if you could check me out and a little down the road give me feedback on how to do better and such. I'm currently reading your blog but I'm still back in 2013 and I absolutely love you! I think you are so funny and strong and I would love to talk to you! Thank you for your time


Lena said...

Still reading periodically, just not really writing, don't have so much to say (which is a total lie, just would absolutely not know where to start). Summary: keep writing, I'm reading :)
Lena xx