Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Diet & Exercise Myth

In my bouts of ED mania over the years - the times when I starve, the times (like now) where I uncontrollably binge for months on end, the times when I get it right, the times when I become obsessed with exercise (however fleeting) - there are a few things that one comes to realise, maybe it is a truth that the rest of the world don't actually understand - that is simply that you can 'diet' (atkins, tim noakes, banting, paleo, vegan, raw, high-carb, low-carb, low-fat, etc) and lose moderate amounts of weight - getting to a 'healthy' weight. You can do that, but the easiest and most efficient way of losing weight is to simply drastically cut calories. 

I am a child of efficiency, I loathe inefficiencies. I'm not OCD, I'm not a neat freak - I just always choose the path of least resistance and I will not do something in 10 steps if there is a way to do it in 6. I'm basically the ultimate lazy person. I have no necessarily been starving myself, well not by any definition I know. 800 - 1000 calories over three days and have lost 1lb a day. Now tell me why I would go to the fucking trouble of having to exercise and to prepare so much yukky food that no one wants to eat. 

It is a fucking MYTH, I tell you. A MYTH that we need to eat healthy and exercise to be skinny. No, you just need to get less - as I get older, sure I find that I need to eat healthier food, just because I don't want to completely feel apart and it makes me feel physically better (*cough* ignore the millions of gallons of coffee I consume), but I know that if I cut calories the weight will go. 

So yeah, down another 0.6kg today - which is 1.6kg since Monday morning. Stoked. 

I will be skinny & I will not exercise
Xo Xo


Ruby Tuesday said...

I can relate so much to this
As in being efficient
I always try to complete tasks in the quickest, easiest and most efficient
My sister always says that she wants something done she will ask me to do it as she knows I will get it done quick smart

Hope the book is going well
I'm not going to comment on your weight loss as I think you are perfect the way you are
You are badass!!! X

Bella said...

I'm a fan of efficiency too. Sure, the metabolism might slow a little, but I wouldn't have lost so much weight if it was all it cracked up to be. It's like, suddenly you lose a couple of kilos in as many days, and the old, steady rate doesn't seem enough anymore. I've actually lost more weight in the last year or so since I stopped pushing myself to exercise, which did usually end in maintaining. 1,200 intake with 600 burnt is simply not the same as an intake of 600 with no exercise.

Good luck with NaNo. I did NaNo and Screnzy from 2007-2013, and was big into the local group and meet-ups. My record (2012, I think) was 330k, and 2013 was 50k in 24hrs.


ToxicwastEDgal said...

Ya, this is basically how I feel too. I weigh myself too often though, so when I don't see a change in the direction I want I freak. I do try to exercise some though, for me it's both a form of purging and meditation.