Sunday, March 3, 2013

Counting Calories in My Dreams

Now, I'm really not fucking kidding - I count calories in my dreams. I had this really crazy dream last night which spanned a whole day and in the dream, I was eating. Naturally I was counting the calories in my mind and the whole dream revolved around what I was doing and counting calories. Like, I had some coffee with a friend and was doing my calculations in my head before I ordered. And then had a nibble on the train, which I counted. I woke up at 900 calories. It was almost as if I was totally grateful about waking up and realising that I hadn't actually eaten those calories. SO weird. I had a bit of a LOL about it when I woke up. Like next. level. shit. 

In other news, I weighed in at 64.7kg when I went to sleep last night and at 64.3kg when I woke up this morning. I've had about 950 cals today. I know, I know it's high, but I've been dying for a chicken schitzel for fucking ages and I finally let myself have it. So there was that, an orange and my coffees with honey. I'm hoping to see 64 flat tomorrow. I didn't sleep very much last night, so I'm hoping to get an early night tonight and an early start tomorrow, cuz I have work to do. Maybe try to do some work tonight. I also cleaned my entire flat today, so hopefully that burned some calories. It involved vacuuming, which I actually moved my bed and couch for. Washing the kitchen floor by hand, because I'm too self-conscious to buy a mop. Yes, self-conscious - as in I won't walk down the road holding a mop. I also walked to the police station to check if my wallet had been turned in, which it hasn't - no big though - and that was about 2 miles of walking. So I'm hoping my net was around 800 cals. Hopefully it will translate into a loss anyway. 

Love & Hunger Bubbles
Xo Xo


Broken Wings said...

Awwww , the dreams are the weirdest thing of our subconscious ego. You eat in your dream , COUNTING CALORIES:) and loosing weight , it is a pity that we can not have that in real life. Then everyone would be slim :) lol

Butterfly Unfolding said...

I dreamed about peeling off all my wallpaper. Not sure what that means.

ꜛⱴאּ Sⱥm ŁupiƝ ҂ said...

fuck i had a dream where i can tell a persons calorie consumption just by looking at him most of my dreams are about me consuming a hideous amount of food and purging though oh dammit bulimia
fuck you give me your weight it's all i want
i don't want to weigh in cause I'll break the damned scale
omg hunger bubbles tehehe
also that comment about Kurt kicking Rachel's ass made me laugh for like 5 fucking minutes straight I HATED THE MARLEY EATING DISORDER SHIT I WANT TO STAB A SMALL SEAL but Hunter <3 and Sebastian <3
-Sam Lupin

Glynn Gilmore said...

I dream I binge eat and then I wake up all paranoid that I ate too much the night before...when really I have eaten nothing. It's really weird, last night I had a dream I ate a ice cream bar and I woke up questioning if I had eaten it or not. It is very unsettling...thank god they are only dreams!!

Kay said...

I TOTALLY dreamt last night about eating and counting the calories and I was SO pissed at myself for how high I got, and then I woke up. And I was so so so relieved it was a dream. And then I thought of this blog post! Haha! You're right, that is SO weird!