Saturday, March 2, 2013

Uneventful Thinspo

Today has been totally uneventful and I literally have nothing to contribute, so I thought I'd just post a bit of thinspo. Today very nearly turned into a day of fat eating. But luckily I managed to reign that shit in and restricted it to around 800 calories. I just felt so so hungry today and ended up eating one and half tuna mayo bagels and lots of coffee with honey. I had two leftover bagels from the other day and I started eating the second one when I looked at the mayonaise that I had used for the second one (which was different from the first one) and I had assumed it was light mayo. When I checked the bottle though, I saw that it was full fat and 100 calories per tablespoon. So I freaked out and threw the rest of it away. Ain't nobody got time for that. This morning I weighed in at 64.9kg. So I'm hoping tomorrow will be 64.5. I know I can get to 63 by Friday. I'm slowly clawing my weight back. Slowly, very fucking slowly. It's my birthday in two weeks. *sigh* I think I'm just going to not tell anyone about it and forget it happened. 

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loveylou said...

I fucking love that first thinspo pic, that is amazing!!
The mayo thing is like my worst nightmare, I'm always worried (especially after a lot of smoked cheddar) that I've forgotten to count something I ate, or I ate a double portion or misread the nutritional facts of something, or miscalculate what my daily total is and think I have an allowance and then remember something I ate after the fact... it's that same feeling you get when you wake up and wonder why your alarm never went off for work. I believe its called panic. lol.
Don't get discouraged by the speed of your weight loss, just keep at it, little by little it will come off and thats all thats important.
I'm kinda in the same situation right now, I feel like I have nothing to really do or know how to spend my time and I overeat out of sheer boredom half the time, ugh.
Lots of love!