Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The World Fucks Hard

Wow, what a day. I had my third and final interview with the director of the media company and it went alrightish, I suppose. I have no idea what to make of it, so I suppose I just shan't say anything until they have told me that I didn't get the job, because I'm sure I haven't. This is the worlds way of fucking me in the ass. I'm in such an awful mood today. I just want to die. to make matters worse, I'm still bloated at a FAT 64.6. Nothing I do seems to ever be good enough, but I suppose at the very least, I still have Joe to make me smile. Even if he is a million miles away right now. Fat, alone and miserable. It's just a bad mood Piggy, it will pass. 

On the plus side, I am binge-free for day three. Congrats to Skylar who is also binge free from yesterday, don't forget to leave a comment and let us know how you're getting on with the challenge. YAY for sticking it to the man. Boom. I think we are going to make it all week. I know that the weekend will be the hardest, but I'm planning on staying in and being miserable. I need to factor in some wine into my week. So that I can get drunk, because I really feel like I just want to escape the world. Only four more days of this binge-free challenge left. Today I had a tall latte from starbucks (104 cals), tuna (264), coffee with milk and honey (85) and chicken stir-fry (312), so my total is 765 for the day. Not too bad. Not over my limit. And not a binge. YES WE CAN! 

Hazelnuts & Kisses
Xo Xo 


Skylar Rainn said...

*High Five* To another binge free day. I think I ended up on 777 calories which sucks because it was on a day where I moved....very little! xxxxx

Anna Stone said...

Day 3 as well :) Which is surprising, since I got my period today, and I never make it the days before without some kind of chocolate/ice cream shenanigans! But no binging for 3 days, no purging for two :) I am really happy about this challenge...I never have a reason not to do this shit and now I do, even just for a week...if this challenge proves I can do it for a week, than maybe I can do it longer. Kudos to you and everyone else going at it, we are stronger than we think :)

lovehurts4ever said...

I'm on Day 5 purge free! The weekends are hard for me too. I just lose routine and my focus gets lost and I binge. I love junk food and for some crazy reason, weekends give me the green light to indulge. Ugh. My goal was less than 600 calories a day but with my jogging and biking daily I think I may have to increase to 700. Good job everyone.

~Nessa~ said...

Day 3 binge free for me ! I'm gonna do this so hardcore!

Lola Bee said...

i wasn't doing the challenge, but i think im doing okay with the binge free week.x