Tuesday, December 6, 2011


So in a surprising turn of events, I got discharged yesterday. The doctor came round and said my INR was 1.1. Where normal is 1. And that I'd been on the rat poison for over a week and they generally only put you on for a week, so I need to go back tomorrow for a blood test and then it looks like I shall be fine. More over which, I can drink again in a month or two. So ya, fucking happy penguin dance much!?

Then to continue the good news, I got home and weighed in at 60.3kg/133lbs. MIRACULOUS! I tell you, MIRACULOUS! THEN I had dinner last night, which was the only thing I ate all day. A bunch of mexican style fries with tomato sauce (craving tomato sauce like a preggers biatch), two chilli poppers and a few nachos. Then a few bites of ice cream even! My blood pressure was really low yesterday morning. So, that's my excuse, not that there is actually an excuse. But anyway. SO this morning I woke up and weighed - get this - 59.9/132. HOLY SHIT BALLS YOU SAY!? You are right. Fuck it. That is my original goal weight. GW1!! Only another 4kgs till my UGW. Although the shrink tells me that this is a moving goal post for a bulimic. WHATEVER. Whoop. So my BMI is 18.9 FUCK YEAH! :D :D

The boy and I fought all of yesterday yet somehow ended up cuddling during the night. Old habits. I want to stab him in the temple. BUT obviously, I'm not an axe murderer so I won't. Looking for a new place to live which is exciting. I think I am going to move into a sharehouse with some students or something. Sounds like the best idea for me and then my kitten won't be lonely when he leaves his dad. Which is another source of guilt all on it's own. But he is my fucking cat. I can't wait to move on and close this chapter of my life. I am so scared of being alone. What if I don't find someone as awesome as him ever again!? But saying that, anything is better than this.

Welcome to my new followers, you've missed quite a bit up to this point, but hopefully this will make for some interesting readings. My goal for the holidays is to not fall into my usual self destructive pattern of messiness. No sleeping around, no crazy all night benders for whole weekends. Find a nice boy. Don't fall for his lies. Make sure my kitten is looked after, lose 4 more kgs to be at UGW! Woot. It's funny though, because I still look fat. I'm not sure where the weight is going, but maybe the scale is lying.

Thanks for all the comments and support. Can't wait to catch up on the blogesphere later!

Love & Misery
Xo Xo


Haley said...

I'm so glad you're home, healthy, and in a much better mood!

wispygirl said...

i'm so excited i found your blog! i've been waiting for a post to see how you are! so happy your at your first goal weight and finally home!

Anafly said...

It's so good to hear that you're out of the hospital and that you're health has improved!!
I'm really digging the positivity in this post as well.
Congratulations on the weight loss! That's such a fantastic way for it to happen haha.
Love Anafly

Judith Marie said...

WOW THAT'S GREAT NEWS!!!!!! and you have to give me my moment of I told you so, but I so told you that you wouldn't get fat in the hospital.

I'm so totally relieved that you're okay. I was so worried about you! I even got really close of crying to the professor about you! I can't tell you how happy and relieved I am right now!

Well done you!

Sam Lupin said...

your happiness will make me pee my plaid pyjama pants once day!
x'D. we missed you, sexy.
59.9! OMGYOUBROKETHE50's! i have yet to return to the fucking 60's. stuck at this disgusting weight.
...OH.MY.GOD. ONLY 4?! YOU'RE SERIOUS?! *cries in joy* FP!
someone called for an axe murder? *puts her axe behind her back*
ahahahaha! <3
WE'RE SO GLAD TO HAVE YOU BACK, BITCH. NOW. Tequila? ;) *passes around calorie-free alcohol*

-George DiCaprio

Christina said...

I'm so glad to hear that you're doing so much better. The weight loss is great! Your positive mood is really motivating, makes me smile :)


Anonymous said...

Aww! I'm so happy for you, that's so wonderful! And I completely understand when it comes to your kitten. I have my little love of black fluff and she's only known life around my brother's cat but when I get my own place she is coming with me. No question or debate. Heck, I'll get her another little friend if it means I can keep her with me. I love that cat more than anyone else. She actually lets me squeeze her to me and cry into her little fluffy neck when I'm sad! WHAT CAT DOES THAT? <3 I love her. And wow, now I'm rambling on about my cat >.< anyway, I'm so happy for you! Keep posting because you always make me laugh!

Smilebecauseithappened. said...

I found your blog one day and I'm so glad I found it! I've caught up on everything. Your such a motivation for me! I'm glad your doing wonderful and out of that damn place. :)

ednos Linny said...

Congrats on the goal but please I cant write this enough(sure your sick of seeing it) be careful. I find it funny that sometime I will weigh myself not eat really eat anything for days weigh more so I say screw it do on binge over load weigh myself the next day excepting the worse and I have lost tons??? I think my body hates me and love playing tricks lol Glad your home.

Dumb Brunette said...

This post made me happy. I think I'll follow your blog :)

lulani said...

glad you are home :)