Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Right, so firstly I have been binging for two days. Tomorrow this ends. I have totally let myself go. DISGUSTING! So the plan is to lose this nasty kg that has crept up this week and then I know that I said I would post pics when I got to 60 which has been like two weeks now, so I promise to post pics as soon as I get back to 60. Tomorrow I shall fruit fast. OMG I talk about fruit fasting so much.

I am so tired. Worked from 7am till about half an hour ago - that's 14 hours bitches. FUCK! I am so tired. I am also still sexing the ex and now it's getting cute again, but I know it's not real. It hurts so bad. :( On the plus side, I think that once I move out it will all be okay with me. I will find someone new and move on. I can't let this boy define my life.

I have very little to report back on. I will post tomorrow - a better more coherent post. I'm just so tired. Fat Piggy OUT!

Fatigue & Loneliness
Xo Xo


By All Means said...

oh hun i know how you fell last night i just looked at everything i ate and was like wtf did i just do?! and at work! the other dentists keep sending candy. and a cheese platter! but its almost over. as for the boy again i know how that feels, and once your away itll all feel better and you will meet someone new :)

take care!

Bones said...

sexing the ex... it sucks, in the end, but I'm doing it too. And hey, today was a binge-fest for me, and I'm sure I'm a whale, so I'm right there with you. But both of us are going to stop taking our own shit and put a stop to all of this, just because we can. Right? xx

Brittany said...

Yesss I would love to see pictures!! :) ..Yeah you will find someone new, and better, and nicer, and cuter, etc. Moving away from him is the best thing you can do...He needs to be out of your life as hard as that is to do. Good luck with everything your a beautiful person! <3