Sunday, December 11, 2011

Just. Fuck.

I started writing about the fucked up evening that happened with the ex last night. But I don't have the energy to rehash what happened yesterday. *sigh* Anyway, suffice to say that I think one of two things is going to happen today - either we are going to decide that this is ALL over. No more. Or we will try work it out. Personally, and I know this is fucking stupid with everything that has happened, I want it to work. I love him with all my heart. But obviously, that isn't necessarily enough.

Yesterday I had an apple, two litchies, two plums, a handful of crisps and a veggie spring roll. I had planned a fruit fast but alas, that did not work out. But then fate intervened, because I wanted to eat yesterday, no doubt about that. But then my ex, who works at the same restaurant walked past me while I was eating the spring roll like a fat little pig and said something about all the fat on my hips. Well. Fuck him. So I decided to not eat anymore which I didn't. And lo and behold I was rewarded this morning when I stepped on the scale I weighed 59.6kg. Which means I am 4lbs down from yesterday - food weight - must've been. And that is just fantastic. Also means my BMI is now 18.8. Can I get a FUCK YEAH!?

Today I am going to fruit fast again. Although, I had a cup of tea with milk. I just needed it. But I think I can hit the fruit decently, cuz I bought a whole bunch including loads of mangoes. Anyway. *sigh* I feel so despondent. I don't know why. *SIGH*

I will post again a bit later maybe when I feel a bit inspired. *sigh* Cheers to the freakin' weekend!

Strength & Love
Xo Xo


Run said...

I wish 59.6kg gave me a BMI of 18.8 lol.

Your ex mentioned you had fat on your hips? The man must blind! There is no chance at your weight and height you have anything resembling fat on your hips.

SkinnyNinny said...

yea...agree with what Run said....he must have terrible vision problems lol :)

Anonymous said...

Your Ex is blind. Your BMI and stats look great. You're skinny! Don't listen to him.

Teach me how you lost 4 pounds in one day! I need success like that lol. Good job girlie :)

Judith Marie said...

wow. these fruit fasts seem to be like, freaking amazing. I gotta try! You just seem to be dropping weight on them. Maybe I'll give it a good go today.

By the way, what it a litchie? It sounds like...a dessert. I'm not judging you in any way by saying that by the way. It's just that if I invented a dessert, that's what I'd name it.

Also, amazing BMI. Anything under 20 gets a fuck yeah. You, miss 18.8 get a FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!

Atty said...

*throws hands in the air* FUCK YEAH!!! Good job girl! Glad you're feeling better!