Friday, August 17, 2012

A Sad Day

Today was a sad day for a number of reasons... Firstly because I cracked and had a pasta with cheese and custard... arghhh. BUT in my defense, I went to the supermarket with the intention of buying binge food, but while I was there I was kinda feeling icky after having eaten that pasta, so instead I bought chicken which I ate - just chicken breasts, smoked salmon for tomorrow, pesto (which I realised was not totally raw, because it has pecorino cheese in it), carrots, peaches and sparkling flavoured water. I need to stop drinking coke light somehow. So I thought for now, I can do it with this flavoured sparkling water and maybe what I can do in the future is buy normal sparkling water and put fruit slices in it. :) So I'm going to take today as my 1 day off and now I need to do four proper raw days in a row. Let's not go into calories for the day then, but it was a little victory for me, on my road to raw. My stomach looks like I'm pregnant. My thighs are disgusting. I am disgusting.

Today is also a sad day because 30 people got killed in a strike at one of South Africa's mines today. 18 of those people were murdered outright by the police who opened fire on the protesters. This is probably one of the worst massacres in our history since Sharpville. Which if ya'll don't know, was a foundational cornerstone of the resistance to Apartheid since it also involved police brutality. It really just makes me so sad. On one hand, there is police brutality - which is a South African curse. People in England take for granted that the police are meant to protect the citizens of the country. That's not quite how is works for South Africans. I am more afraid of them than I trust them. It is horrible. On the other hand, is the unions. Who incite violence. They create this... blood lust amongst the workers, take it all take it now, take it by any means, so they literally get machetes and burn cars and hack police officers to death. So actually, do you blame the police for taking that response? Anyway. It's very sad. Because violence breeds violence. And those poor people died for nothing. Absolutely nothing.

In other, less morbid, news - the Polish boy is coming back to this town tomorrow to spend another weekend. We need to have a little chat about him being a little more... distant. He facebooks me all day, wants to skype every night. And it's just a bit much for me right now. You know? Hopefully if I can manage to tear myself away from my work at all this weekend, I'll be able to teach him a few things... you know. Sexy... things. *nudge nudge wink wink*

Raw Sadness & Love
Xo Xo


Rayya said...

Oh no.. that is actually terrible such needless violence and pointless deaths. Stuff like that just makes me sad, that such barbaric shedding of life can occur in a bat of an eye lid over nothing.

Glad you are on the straight raw path ;) Good luck! <3 x

Slimarific said...
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Slimarific said...

Hi, I'm sorry to hear how the challenge is a lot of work.

I've been bored all day and thought maybe you might like a bit of help with the challenge.

I sent across a spreadsheet document to your email account, please feel free to use it if you would like too :)