Monday, August 20, 2012

Maybe Karma has intentions..

There are a couple of hippie beliefs that I have. Which may be childish, or maybe they have to do a connection I believe I have to the energy of the world. But I have always been a wish upon a star, blowing dandelions, cross my heart kind of person. If there is something to wish on, I never pass up an opportunity that maybe my wish will come true. I mean... It doesn't hurt right. And my new fav thing in England is blowing dandelions, which we used to do when I was little where you make a wish and then you blow the... thing apart. you know. The dandelion. Last time I did it was a week or two ago and I wished something about my ex... (you can't tell your wishes or they won't come true) and today I was in the garden and I picked one up and was about to wish the same thing. But then. I kinda had this thought that maybe wishing is just a way of attracting the right kind of energy or karmic pull to yourself that makes you more likely to have these things that you want... but maybe also there is some kind of universal... something that will make sure you only get the kind of energy you put into the world... like karma. But if you wish for something with bad energy, then you won't get it. Does that make sense? So maybe my first wish about my ex was going to bring bad energy to me... which is why I won't get what I want. So after having that thought, I wished something else. Positive energy... :) Look, I know this sounds so hippie-awful and I'm totally not one of those people, but you can't ignore certain cosmic coincidences that go on in your life. Sometimes, I really believe that if you put things into the world, they will come back to you. Two things happened like that today. The first relates to my little cry fest that I had last night. During the cry fest I randomly, for the first time in like two years, listened to this song that I used to be obsessed with before I met my ex and then after we broke up, last night was the first time I heard it and it was so weird, but it's like I understood the lyrics of the song way more than I ever did. And then today on facebook, I was mulling around and my... spiritual counterpart, this friend of mine with whom I have this weird connection to... like we are just on a weird wave length where we'll both say exactly the same thing at the same time. Anyway, it's weird. So today, his facebook status was the lyrics to that song I listened to last night. And let me tell you, it is not his genre of music. The other thing that happened today was that I met this dude on... Saturday? And he asked me to add him on fb because we got on really well and whatever and I added him, but he didn't accept. And I was downstairs making coffee after sitting at my computer all day today and I started thinking about him and I went upstairs and lo- and behold he had accepted my friend request and wrote on my wall. Cosmic coincidences, I'm telling you!

Anyway, this has nothing to do with anything. I just thought I'd share. Because I dunno. I feel like I didn't care about my energy in this world for the longest time despite being constantly reminded that there was something about it. And now. Well. I feel like now my eyes are open. I'm not crazy I swear.

Energy & Karma
Xo Xo


Alina said...

I believe in karma, and all of that. It just seems to make sense. When something happens something else happens to balance it out. So it makes perfect sense. :)
I wish you nothing but good karma. It's good to see a cheery post from you!

Stephanie Ray-leigh said...

I definitely believe in karma and things alike. but mostly in smaller bits.
Like my dog peed in the hallway and I was too angry so I didn't clean it up. Then, of course, when my laxatives kicked in I ran off to the bathroom and stepped in it. I deserved it because I should have cleaned it when he first did it but I didn't.
Well, there's my 2 cents haha

NeoHippie said...

I totally get what you're talking about and love when that kind of thing happens.

Finally Perfection said...

Full agree. Synchronicity is crazy, but also lovely :) I'm a hippie - so much so my boss called me a hippie in the middle of an important meeting. Part of me was 'whoa, what?', but then I thought, screw it, I am really a hippie deep down. I'm a believer in karma and a believer in most things spiritual. Glad you're feeling a bit better about things x