Sunday, August 5, 2012


My new cats name is Meatball and he is the cutest little thing on the planet. He has a bit of a bitchy side, but he's so little and oh so cute. He also has a kitten meow and he follows me around... All the names I thought of just didn't fit... So Meatball it is. :) In other news, I am a fat disgusting pig.

So tomorrow, let's start the challenge. We will weigh in tomorrow with weekly updates. And let's do it for a whole month. I will get a lovely prize to mail the winner... And the prize I think is this beautiful tigers eye ring that I have. :) I'll take a pic and send it through. Then every week we can calculate percentage lost and the one with the highest percent total loss, wins!! :)

I have a hangover from hell. And I met a really sweet polish boy last night that wants to take me on a date... he isn't the most interesting person on the planet, very eastern european, but he's nice enough and rather sexy... Plus if I marry an EU citizen, then I get an EU passport which is a win in my books. And yes, I really would marry someone for a passport.

Fat, fat fat piggy. I need to shed this fat. It's disgusting.

Love & Kittens
Xo Xo


Ayden said...

Oooh cute foreign boys are the best, aren't they?
Good luck on the challenge, darling =] and do your best to fight this hangover.

autumn butterfly said...

I'm not too good at competitions, purely because I plateau a lot. Annoying. Anyway, I'll still post stats - no one ever won who didn't enter.

Yay for cute kittens!


Finally Perfection said...

Meatball is such a cute name!!!

Sunshinechild said...

I love that name <3 and I am totally down for a competition!! I absolutely love the motivation. We should co- host this competition together :) I can post your rules up on my blog and offer up a prize as well, try to get more people involved. Would that be ok?

Eyedea said...

Meatball aww. I just love little kitties. I'd love to participate in your challenge. Can't wait to start! :)

WinterA said...

Meatball is actually cute. I am glad you found a name that you felt suited the cute little kitten.

Yes the challenge sounds like fun but I weigh in like everyday so this should be not big deal at all.

You take care.

Little Miss Thin ♥ said...

Meatball is an adorable name <3 I just got a new kitten last week, she follows me everywhere and has such a cute little squeak :) I'm so nervous for this challenge! xx

Jessica Edwards said...

let's do it!

Slimarific said...

aww I so want a kitten!!

If its not too late could I join the competition as well? Even if I dont loose much it would be lovely to have some company to do it with :)

TinyRose said...

I'm so joining you. I have gotten so fat its just disgusting.

Flawed Design said...

I love the name for the kitten! Sounds so sweet! you should post a picture of him! :):)!

I will join in your challange XD! I have weighed in today xD!


The Secret Me said...

That kittens name is so cute!!!
I would also love to join the challenge also ;)

Tatyana said...

mariage for the passport :DD That sounds really you piggy. But you know there's not need to do that you should be able to get after a certain time of living in that country too. In Finland it's 5 years... don't know how it is in other countries.

<3 Love spread <3