Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Updates Guys!

Listen dudes, I'm lank sorry I've been absent considering we have the challenge on the go, but please know three things. Firstly, I have just been fuck busy with work, literally dying. But in about four hours I'll complete a final order so tomorrow will be dedicated to challenge admin and updating. Secondly, I have failing at the challenge so fucking miserably. And thirdly, I will make sure it's all sorted out soon. In the meantime comment with you stats for this week. The week 1 stats will be published on Friday. :) So ya'll have till then to post em to me. I'll also give until Sunday to send through the stats for week 1, then I'll remove from the challenge page, cuz like. A LOT of people are in this challenge which is epic, but I don't forsee everyone sticking to it. Like me. I'm fucking failing. But tomorrow is going to be a fruit fast of 2 days. Followed by a juice fast of 2 days. Hoping to be back at my UGW by then :) . Ladies we got this, despite my crappy admin.

So, the polish guy was here for the weekend. And he is damn nearly perfect... except the sex. Which. Is. AWFUL! Well. Not awful, I guess he just doesn't know what the fuck he is doing, or he was fucking nervous. Anyway. He wants to come back next weekend, but I kinda feel like that's moving all a little bit too fast for me. Which is kinda freaking me out, so I may ask him to NOT come back this weekend and do it next weekend rather. TOO quick. The brit boy, Michael is coming over tomorrow night, but... I feel like I've lost enthusiasm there since he said two things: a) that I was the best *cough* he ever had. Which must be untrue since I was drunk off my ass. Which means he's only coming here to get in my pants, which is simply not on. I realise of course that this is a total double standard, since I am the one that puts myself out there like this and then gets offended when it's expected, but everyone knows that dirty one night stands are one thing, but the follow up is ladylike. Well that's the way I see it anyway. So I may disinvite him as well. I actually think... my life being full of men... Is not what I want. I feel like I need someone amazing, and while both these boys are nice, they are not extraordinary. I'd rather hold out. Oh... and I changed Meatball's name to Gremlin. It makes more sense since he is a loving, very cute, but vicious little bitch.

I am so fat at the moment. I need to make a plan. I don't even feel slim anymore. I feel like I'm moving back into the realm of average sized. HOW AWFUL, average sized. Did anyone catch the Olympic ladies highjump. Those chicks were such great thinspo, omg. Like tall, lean and skinny as fuck. I need to make a change or I am going to end up the same old sad piggy that lost everything. I need Coco. Coco hasn't been that strong. But this evening Coco gave me a harsh realities of life check. Fuck this shit man. Next thing you know I'm going to be a size 6.

Fat & Miserable
Xo Xo


Eyedea said...

Jeez,a hectic love life you got there :D If you feel like it,play with them both for some time. Fuck it,life's too short. Besides,prince charming always comes unannounced,so until he does,you have your fun with the peasants. *if you know what I mean*

Anyway my stats for this week:

Weigh - 62.5kg (137.8lbs)
Loss - 1.5kg (3.3lbs)

Sheila said...

So, my updated weigh in : i went from 54.0 kg to 53,2 kg. So my Bmi went from 22.8 to 22.3

Don't worry, there are sooo many participants in this challenge, I'm sure it is quite a bit of work to manage all that. :-)

Tatyana said...

Someone is busy ;) just don't let those boys mess up your head too much.

Update to challenge 171.4, so no huge improvement here either. Don't worry girl. We will rock it at some point <3

Slimarific said...

My update for the challenge is my weight is now 55.3kg and bmi is 20.9.

I hope things going well with the lads ;) I bet you look amazing at the moment! :)

Laelaps said...

Sounds like you're super busy. I wouldn't spend to much time thinking about all those boys, especially if neither of them seem all that special. No shame in keeping them around for you entertainment though.
I really wanted to join your challenge, but I know my metabolism is at a plateau right now, and I'd just upset myself by trying to compete and seeing the weight stay the same. Good luck to you and all your participants though! <3

Rayya said...

My stats for this week..
131.5 lbs
BMI: 21.9


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a love life! Maybe slowing things down and canceling with that one guy might be good.
Anyway! Please take care darling <3

Weight: 133.6
BMI: 21.47
Loss: 4 pounds?
<3 ^_^

WinterA said...

Hi Piggy, sorry to hear you are having a rough time with the challenge. I know once you get past your deadline at work it will be easier for you to focus on the weight loss.

Gremlin is just as cute. I love how you described the cat as cute and adorable but vicious. Love it!

I have not been following the Olympics to much this year. The most of it I have seen is when I was getting my nails done >.<

Look forward to hearing from you when you get the time.

Flawed Design said...

Sorry works being to tough on you! <3 Good luck on your fast hon!

Even if the sex is bad don't worry :P that means you get to teach him what you like <3

This is my weigh in: 149 pounds
Weight loss: 2 pounds :)

Miss•Genna said...

Don't worry to much about keeping the challenge page updated we all have lives outside of blogger and there is a SHIT LOAD of us participating! I'm sure you'll get back on the weightloss wagon once work gets less crazy.

First Weigh-In:

cleosparks said...

Good luck with those guys, it'll all work out eventually :)
I'll just put both stats here to make it easier for you.
Week one:
Weight: 140.5
BMI: 21.7
Week Two:
Weight: 134.5
BMI: 20.8
Loss: six pounds.

Alina said...

Week2 stats
Bmi: 18.1
Weight: 51kg

Girl With Secrets said...

I haven't been doing so well with the challenge either... Gained 4 lbs, so now at: 160 lbs, BMI 23.0
This week will be better for both of us! Good luck :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, don't worry I didn't do very well last week either. This week will be better for both of us :)
Also the rhythmic gynastics is great thispo! My stats from Monday are -
Weight: 59kg
Loss: 0.4kg
Sad I know.
Alice xx

Ayden said...

I maintained this week =[ So my stats would be the same as last week...

Sorry about the boy situation, love =[ It'll get better.

I know you feel fat right now, but just use it as motivation!!! instead of getting down on yourself, Pick yourself up and say "I'm better than this. I have control"
It helps me when I get feeling shitty.
Take care, love!!