Friday, August 3, 2012

Dudes, I got some SHIT to tell ya'll.

Where to even begin really... Well I guess I should start by saying how disgusting fat i am. but. On the plus side, let's start the challenge on Monday. I'll post on Monday with a start weight. *eeck* And if yall wanna join, then comment and I'll put it on the main part of the blog. I was also thinking... Does anyone ever do... clothing exchanges? Like. I have stuff I don't wear, so I send it to you in exchange for something of yours that you don't wear? I dunno... maybe we could get a little fashion exchange going on here... Anyway.

So in other news, the other night, that Michael guy showed up on my door step out of the blue... It was so weird. And like. Unexpected. And I think i was a little unfair on him. Shame, he is actually really really sweet. And so nice as well. Just so not my type. At all. I will be friends with him for the benefit of the next three weeks. I mean. then it's back to London.

My big news is... I'm getting a cat. On Saturday. And I'm so excited. To recap. My kitten is in South Africa with my ex and I just couldn't take him away from him. He loves that cat. And while i do too, I just want a loveable feline, and this guy seems legit. He was abandoned ten months ago by his owners and then taken in by an old lady who can't take care of him now, so I'm adopting him. Names. His name used to be Tigger, then the old bat calls him Cat. So... My list is: Zulu, Zazu, Zero, Shaka, Gir, Invader Zim, Wizard, Pax, Ike, Iggy, Bo, Bugs or Megatron. HELP!!

And then the last bit of big news is that I apparently have some kind of psychic thingy which makes me a spiritual magnet. According to this dude, who says that is why my poltergeist is bugging me but not the owners of the house. So, i must not engage, cuz it will want to hurt me. And then. I ordered some crystals online to protect myself. I don't believe in this shit... well. I didn't. The psychic thing is really weird for me. Becuase I've always had this thing with my dreams, where i dream stuff and then months or years later it will happen... Anyway. It is all a little fucken nuts yo. Nonetheless whether it is or isn't bullshit, I'm not taking ANY chances. So I've ordered tigers eye. Apparently good for protection.

Gir & Zim
Xo Xo


Anonymous said...

That happens to me too! I dream stuff and it happens like a few days or weeks later! It's so weird. It's not everything I dream, it's only dreams I get a feeling about...
I like Iggy, I think that's a cute name. I wish I had a cat, I have rats though :D
A challenge starting Monday sounds awesome.
Good luck with the ghost, I don't really believe in that stuff but when there's no other explanation... !
Alice xx

Anonymous said...

Yay for a kitty!! (: I think Bugs is a cute name, I like weird cat names. Mine is named Lick--I once had someone call him "Lick the cat", which was amazing.
For sure on the challenge, I'm seeing everyone I know again in a month and I don't want to look like I do now!
And good luck with your ghost, too! Tell it to be nice and do chores or something!

Sam said...

Always down for a challenge.


TinyRose said...

I have the same thing about my dreams. Not all, but certain ones. I always know. Sometimes its just like a bad feeling that something is going to happen but nonetheless, I can sense it. I know that sounds really crazy and kind of stupid maybe. But my great-grandmother would be able to predict things through her dreams. And my mom gets premonitions too. I have gypsy blood in me so I think maybe that has something to do with it. Okay... Just wanted to tell someone. :) Its not that weird.

I like the name Zulu. I'm glad that you were able to get a new kitty. They really do touch your heart. I'm awake right now because I'm too worried about mine to fall asleep. :'(

tobf said...

I'd go for Zim! I generally name my animals after fictional characters I love, and although I have yet to name one from a TV show (generally I go for books... the last two I had were named for characters in titus andronicus and hitchhikers guide to the galaxy) Invader Zim is such an amazing tv show it definitely would make my list of potential names =] (ooo maybe Gaz. I generally go for females :3)

Looking forward to the challenge... doing one on some forums I frequent so might as well join in here too. Hope the stones help bring you some piece. I am very much a believer in covering all bases. No harm done if it isn't real...

Tabitha Stormcat said...

So, are you living in London this year? That's rad! If I wasn't so huge I'd say we should meet up.


Eyedea said...

I'm up for this challenge. Count me in. :)

missinsanity. said...

bugs sounds like a pretty legit name. iggy makes me think of crazed punks cutting themselves with broken glass and spitting on people. zazu's cool too, though.


i've had that dream thing happen to me. (never with the steamy ones though...) also,tiger's eye stones are pretty. so whether or not it actually works, at least you'll have some nice rocks layin' around, hm? :)

clytie said...

Yay for a cat! They are so good for the soul! I like the name Pax :]

That's pretty creepy about the poltergiest. I wouldn't be sleeping in my house if it was me! You're so brave!

And I definitly want to join the challenge!!!

WinterA said...

You do have a lot going on. The clothing exchange sounds super cute. I have been a part of some clubs on facebook where the members will do that. I am no were near your size so I shall not be joining you ladies. Plus I wear major of what I have.

Awwww you are getting a cat. I am so excited. As much as I love cats and small dogs I do want to own any. I know it sounds weird but it is how I am. As for the names. Hmmmm I would pick something that is cute. I like zulu and wizard. As much as I love Invader Zim the only name I would take from the show to name the kitten would be Tak. I really like her character for some strange reason.

As for the psychic thingy. I do believe in that stuff but I do believe in evil spirits and people being able to see or predict things. I believe they are gifts from God that are given to us. We are suppose to use them for good but of course you have others making money off of them or doing whatever else.

Not to offend but that is what I believe. Everyone gets different gifts though. Most people don't even know what they are.

Well you take care and keep us updated. Try not to do anything to make the um thingy mad.

Flawed Design said...

I vote for Megatron! bahaha ! <3 xXx

Logan said...

Oh, i want to do the challenge please :).
So jealous about you getting a cat, i really want one :).
Logan x x

Tatyana said...

Oh! Challenge, yay! I love challenges.

Did you know that most of the poltergaist phenomena is caused by humans? Not like someone turning furniture upside down or something but psychically strong people can make things happen... so if it's you doing it, I don't know if the crystals are going to help.

And I wote for Shaka, Bugs or Iggy. ^^ Not really helping, I know :D

Finally Perfection said...

Oh I'm so glad I checked back because I really thought I'd already left a comment!
Count me in for the challenge, please. As much as I would LOVE to join the fashion swap, unless any of you girls are needing a tent soon, I don't think I can be of much help. But I'm definitely up for the challenge.
Kitties are amazing and I love that you are adopting one. My kitty was a stray and now she definitely rules the roost here!
Tiger's eye is a beautiful and protective crystal. I hope it serves you well, but I wouldn't worry about the ghost - it might just be that you're more open to it, not that it was trying to hurt you. So try not to freak.
Hope you're well. Looking forward to the challenge on Monday! Let's do this, ladies!