Thursday, August 9, 2012

All dem boys...

Wow guys!! Hey okay, so I promise I will sort out the challenge page by the end of the weekend, I have just been so effing busy. With work. And man drama. I have loaded about half of the details on the page. I promise I'll do the rest this weekend. Bad bad timing. but like good, because everyone should hopefully be a lb or two down by now :D :D. Anyway, just to respond to comments. You guys can join whenever you like. The more the merrier and I need a week 1, 2, 3, 4, etc weigh in. It doesn't really matter when in the week you weigh. Just like whenevs. You know. Except the final weigh in, which needs to be on the final date... Sunshinechild love? When are we finishing this? We said a month, so like... the 5th of September. I'm thinking maybe we should go until 30 September. Just because month ends are fabulous. Anyway. So since this is still my blog, I will go on about my shit. I weighed in at 57.5kg this morning. After many days of binging, I know it will take a while to start losing again. Although I have had two good days. I made a big ol' pot of soup which I've had a small bowl of today and yesterday. Then I've had a fruit cup, a coffee with honey, a nectarine and a small pot of low fat custard, which is my treat. And it works out to be about 450 cals a day.

So, I told my ex to go get fucked. I've had enough. My site still wasn't done. Fuck him. Fuck his site. Fuck himself. Fuck him. Over his shit, he is out of my life. He can rot in mediocrity for the rest of his life. Because he is shit. And Roy, if you're reading this. FUCK YOU. GET OFF MY MUTHA FUCKEN BLOG, you nasty foot loving pseudo gay asshat cunt! Not that being gay is a problem, more like a problem when you are trying to convince people you are straight. Did I mention that he had coked up gay sex with his best friend, the one I hooked up with (not my proudest moment). Ya. Fuck you. Yeah, I told him the url. Whether he reads it is a different story. If any of ya'll are web developers... website designers whatever, or know someone reasonably talented and reliable. Please let me know. ;)

Anyway. So, the polish boy... did i mention him? He is literally coming to spend the weekend with me this weekend in the country from london... what a gem. :) I'm really nervous. But even more nervous about the possibility of Michael showing up while Tom is here. I want both to play with, which may be a bit selfish... but like. Whatever. Fuck you Roy. Cunt. Anyway. Sorry, I'm spazzing a bit here. This old fling from my past has magically appeared out of nowhere... the last time I saw him was in my parents house after he stormed out because I was about to hook up with his brother because I found out after we slept together that he had a girlfriend (which turned out to be a misunderstanding) and then I bitch slapped him and ... with his brother. Also not one of my proudest moments, but I don't like to fucked with. Ever. Anyway, so he randomly turned up on my facebook and is... like being really weird. Like really really weird. He's coming here in September or something... flingety fling. Now, I know that it sounds like I'm a dank ho', but like. Firstly, I have been fucked over so many times, so why can't I just have fun. Michael and the former fling, I have already flung with, so why not do it again. It doesn't count if you've already been there. And the polish boy may in fact turn out to be boyfriend material... so. Why not. Anyway, so I need to be so skinny for his arrival tomorrow, which i won't be. but hopefully by the next time he sees me... I'll be down to a nice low 50's.

Peace & Boy Drama
Xo Xo


Ayden said...

Wow, lol.
Yeah, boy drama is the worst!! It fucks with the equilibrium, which no one likes.
450 cals a day is awesome! I don't have the patience to do a meal plan like that...
I'm excited for the first weigh in for the challenge. Should I post the new stats on the challenge page, or just in the comments?
Lemme know =]

Sunshinechild said...

What an exciting life you live! I can't wait to hear more about the polish boy ;) I think it would be a great idea to go until the end of September. Should I send you everybodies stats from my page or should I just put then up on mine? I finally figured out what my prize will be <3 Hope you're well

Little Miss Thin ♥ said...

I vote end of September; my operation is before the 5th and I can't put any weight on my leg for like a week. So weighing then is going to be impossible. I'm going to go nuts not being able to weigh!

Your life sounds so exciting compared to mine. But on that same note, URGH I HATE BOY DRAMA. Talk about a huge headfuck. <3 xx

WinterA said...

Wow you have a lot going on here. Don't worry when you come out of this binge you are gonna kick some major butt. So is the challenge ending on september 5th( one day before my bday! ) or september 30th? I am down for either one.

Darn that boy. i was hoping your site was up and running by now. So sorry to hear about that :-(

I do not blame you for wanting to protect your heart. I don't think I could go back to just having fun either. I just feel like it always ends badly.

Anyway I hope you have a super good day today.

Anonymous said...

It's totally okay to date as many as you want! That is the beauty of being single. Just don't tell any of them you want to get married and as long as you aren't committed you are good. Men have been triple dating or whatever forever and no one says anything about them-so have fun!!

Logan said...

Glad you are back on track. Well done girl :).
Freedom of being single is great. Date as many as you can before its too late ;).
Love Logan x x

Tatyana said...

Boys, boys and boys, isn't it lovely to be single ^^.

I vote for 30th September, it's a nice closure there but 5th is also fine.


Too Fat for Words said...

I think this challenge is a super idea. Wish I could d itut way to ashamed to put weight down for the world to see, too ashamed for myself most of the time! Good luck!

Zoie said...

This sounds exciting.
Don't feel guilty for playing men. Be excited you have an overload of them to juggle! Polish boy sounds intriguing....keep us updated.
Also, the ex sounds like a cock sucking asshole loser.

Betty Best said...

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