Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Raw Food Fail.

Firstly, before you think I failed I totally haven't. I'm still sticking to my raw food thing. Today so far i had some peaches in fruit juice, a punnet of strawberries, two cups of coffee with honey (not raw, don't care - try to take it away from me, I will murder you), and a salad of raw corn, spinach, watercress, rocket, broccoli, peppers and tomato. Now let me tell you something. Eating that salad. Was like eating fucking grass. Holy fucking christ. Raw broccoli is not great. At all. The fail to which I refer is basically that I hate mutha fucken veggies, so a raw diet, is probably not the best idea. But on the plus side - all that food. 450 cals. Like. Dude, no shit. 450 cals for a fuckton of food. And, we all know that us ED types don't eat for taste anyway, so I reckon i will probably get over the taste of raw mutha fucken assgravy broccoli. I'm assuming that my insides are fucking loving me right now. They better be. I think what I am going to do. Is 3 days on, 1 day off. My off day, I'll be allowed to have something cooked... well at this point, I want custard. That's all. Like my off day will be dairy. I'm kinda hoping that like the meat thing... Binges will start to be on raw things. Although raw binging... on what - carrots!? I was going to buy nuts and smoked salmon at the store earlier, but i thought i'd leave those as my treats... On my off day. I could literally eat smoked salmon by the ton. I love it... 

Following on from my last blog, you know. I guess that's true. Like I don't remember a time when I didn't care... But wouldn't it be lovely. And I'm not saying if you are normal size you can't feel that way, more like being okay with being normal sized. Like. We just are not. I need to get back to reading your blogs, i am lacking inspiration and getting very caught up in my own world... Which I don't like, because I don't consider this to be a column where I write and ya'll read. Like this relationship that we have with people on blogger... it's reciprocal. You know? Actually. That's what I am going to do. I have some work to do that should take me about two or three hours and then I'm getting back to it. Fuck the corporates! 

In response to a couple of comments, I am going to give the Polish boy a chance. He is absolutely perfect, very caring, etc etc. My biggest concern is that I want to be able to get over my rage and hatred of my ex. And on Sunday morning when I woke up, i had just had two successive dreams about lilypad and my ex. And when i woke up and saw him, I was disappointed. And that kinda means, I think that I shouldn't be in a relationship - not to mention the fact that I just don't really have time. But anyway. Ignore the boy talk. 

Raw Love & Peace
Xo Xo


Clear Girl said...

omg that salad sounds incredible dude- for dressing might I suggest lemon juice or apple cider vinegar? both are raw. fermented is still raw ;)

Waffleflavoredtea said...

I HATE raw broccoli too. Like, a lot. But don't force yourself to eat it if you like others instead! Try grated or sliced zucchini, you can even make it into noodle shapes, add a little pureed avocado and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar (this is raw/fermented), and add some chopped tomato on top, and have a creamy 'raw pasta' dish!
I like the style you write in. Honesty to your readers about your life is very appealing to me :)

Tabitha Stormcat said...

The only bit of broccoli that tastes half decent raw is the inside of the stalk. I fucking hate broccoli and I like vegetables. Being a vegan and hating veggies would be pretty fucking tricky.