Monday, August 20, 2012

This is Tragic.

So obviously my yahoo account is registered to Fat Piggy, obviously, I get it. But still, this made me laugh. FUCK YOU YAHOO!

On the challenge front, I have updated, thanks to Slimarific who is officially my new BFF, the stats that I have. What I am going to do from now. Is only update according to the comments posted on the challenge page. If your stats aren't there, please let me know by commenting there and obviously, ya'll have till this friday to post your week 3 results. From my side, please only comment with your stats on that page, because as of now, there are stats allllllll over this blog and I think I may be missing a few. So check it out.

Thanks for all the support, ya'll are fabulous. I'm still dying under the pressure of work, but hopefully as of tomorrow I should have a few days of life to myself. In other news, I am still disgusting. I am still hopefully overburdened with work. And I got rid of the polish boy. I still spend hours and hours crying over my ex. Last night it was because I turned on the fan because it was so fucking hot and the sound reminded me of lying in our bedroom during the summer with the fan on, just laming out being hot. So I cried for an hour. I think I kinda expect to be like this forever, but I can't wait for the day when I stop crying over him. And it especially pisses me off, because I know he isn't crying over me. Right now I'm busy working at it's 5.41 in the morning and I haven't slept yet. So much work. Almost, almost done. So I'm listening to Judy Garland. When I'm feeling sad, it is always always Judy Garland or Breakfast at Tiffanys.

Love & Peace (what I wish I had)
Xo Xo


TinyRose said...

I'm so sorry. Crying over a boy is the worst.
I remember my brother was drinking orange juice and it made me cry because it reminded me of how the boy used to sit me on his lap and share his orange juice with me. It was such a simple little memory and yet it made my eyes flood with tears. It hurts so much when you realize that you don't have that anymore.

Time heals, but just like a broken bone, a broken heart has to be set, or else it won't heal right.

Please nurture your wound the best you can.

I wish you the best, and I hope that your heart recovers soon. <3


The Lovely Bones said...

I started crying on the way to town because I saw someone with their sleeves rolled up, and I remembered how my ex felt claustrophobic with his sleeves rolled down, so he'd have them up even in the middle of winter. (oh, and we broke up nearly a year ago, your pain is much more recent, it's normal for you to still be recovering.)
I hate it, but you can get through it.
It's natural for things to remind you of him and upset you, but you don't need him in your life. You're so much stronger than that.

Take care darling, I really hope you start to feel better soon.

Finally Perfection said...

Feel better soon sweetie. Thank you for posting about where to update stats for the challenge. I've fucked up royally, so no stats for me until week 4, I don't think! Bah! I am so shit sometimes!
Work can go screw itself. Look after yourself honey. xxx