Thursday, August 8, 2013


So it isn't great, but the silver lining is that I had my dumplings and I lost half a kg (1lb) and I didn't gain. I also wasn't feeling too tired at work today, so it seems my body is getting used to the ana-way again. But then of course today I had to go and fuck it up. I have had 2 cups of coffee with honey and milk, a tuna salad with goats cheese, pot noodles with pesto and some pom bears, a zero cal monster, two cups of tea and an americano from Starbucks. I would guestimate that I am in the region of 800 cals. Which isn't bad and probably similar to what I was yesterday- again. Hoping to not gain tomorrow - maybe even lose. I'm actually really proud of myself. Because I was going to order pizza and then I ended up not. Just because I want it too badly to fuck it up now and I'm actually not hungry anymore. More greed and than anything else.

My friend and her fiance - who have been together for five years and whose wedding I was meant to go back to Cape Town for in December - just broke up. Well he broke up with her, because he has been cheating on her for the past five months. So it looks like that isn't happening. Proof that every, even the happiest of couples, go to shit at the end of the day. Nothing lasts and you can trust no one. 

Sadness & Flubber
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warlocksmistress said...

"Nothing lasts and you can trust no one."

So true.

Glad you didn't give in to pizza.

The Dancer said...

Congrats on the loss and the pizza avoidance!

And yes. Excellent lesson.

Anna Stone said...

I find that half the time I'm craving stuff like pizza and chinese food, I'm not even hungry...I just want it! Good for you for being able to recognize it! I rarely do hah.
Stay strong & healthy :)

ꜛⱴאּ Sⱥm ŁupiƝ ҂ said...

can I be that weight
i'll probably just keep posting this as long as i'm fatter than you and if there comes a day where I weigh less than you then I will just remind you that you are like 7 inches taller than me THATS THE HEIGHT OF A PENIS
I love my coffee with honey in it omg I want it
and fucking fuck - goat cheese and tuna? oh me oh my how does that even taste like
'pot noodles with pesto' that sounds so fucking good
im so over pizza. It feels like i'm always eating it
im not into the relationship scene. yeah. I have my Rachel but any time she decides we're not fit for each other - i'm okay with it. as long as she still talks to me and doesn't change.
I don't have an issue with breaking up with someone - I have an issue with the fact that they won't be in my life anymore or they'll change once we're not in a relationship because suddenly, i'm not top priority anymore.
-Sam Lupin

Valentina S said...

Hi. I live in Italy and i found out your blog recently... it feels like i know you, i don't know why. Maybe cos i been thru weight and food troubles way too long, in this life... well, nice blog, just wanna let u no i follow...
take care.

missinsanity. said...

so many failed relationships this year. must not be the right time. what we need is a good ol' fashioned war. that'll spark another baby boom-- happy couples everywhere! ....and diapers. on second thought, nevermind.

dumplings AND down half a kg! good work :)

Anonymous said...

Relationships are overrated. We are monogomous creatures and are not meant to be with only one person all of our lives.

The hopeless romantics are exactly that; hopeless.

The female species searches for a soulmate, while the male only has a goal to plant his seed in as many females as possible.

Yeah, I'll be bad news bear. It's sad alone. It's lonely alone.

But regardless if it is a breakup or death, we all end up alone.

Learn to enjoy it and just live life. As clique as it sounds: YOLO.

(let the hatemail begin)

Judith Marie said...

Amen to that sister! Nothing lasts and you can trust no one. Pretty much one of the many mottos I have lived my life to.
And absolutely well done well done well done on not ordering pizza. It is always such a triumph to resist temptation.