Monday, August 19, 2013

It Must Be Broken

This morning I weighed in... and I weighed in at 60.6kg. How the fuck is that possible? I lost - no jokes - 5lb overnight. My scale has got to be broken. This is even after I ate that whole punnet of grapes - so my intake was like 800 yesterday and I still lost 2.4kg in one day. My scale must be broken. I weighed in three times and each time it was the same. I showered, then weighed again and it was the same. I mean - is it possible? I mean - if it was salt and bloating maybe, but what the fuck. 2.4kg OVERNIGHT!? 

Anyway, so as if that isn't amazing if by some stretch of the imagination I actually did weigh that much - I went and fucked it up today, cuz I had a sandwich for lunch, two small bags of crisps, peanut butter cups and two cups of coffee. So I'm guestimating that I am somewhere around 1600 for the day. Not the end of the world. So I had that for lunch and I am not eating again today, so hopefully it will digest and not turn into fat immediately. I have had like a gallon of water trying to mitigate my fatness. 

You know how when you eat, it's like you can SEE it forming on your thighs. Disgusting lard. I'm going to need to get a new scale. Cuz I can't have these inaccurate measurements all around me. 

Love & Lard
Xo Xo


Sweetands0ur said...

Our weights always fluctuate - sometimes it is possible to lose/gain up to 3 kg in just one day.
I would be very happy for you if your scale was not broken, but if something's wrong with it then I hope you get it fixed soon!
I know what you mean when you say you can SEE the fat forming on your body. Whenever I gain weight I can see AND feel myself getting fatter. You get the feeling that the cells in your body are expanding or something... it's just absolutely disgusting ><
Hope you have a good week! <3 xx

Skylar Rainn said...

I wish I could lose 5 lb so easily -.- Like seriously, I eat a biscuit and suddenly I have 3 more inches on my thighs. Great

warlocksmistress said...

Maybe double check by weighing yourself on a gym scale or something? 5 lbs overnight sounds a little improbable, but how could your scale get broken?

I suppose you'll see next time you weigh in.

I'm hoping it's a real loss!

Anonymous said...

Take it! Hell, could be worse. I always seem to binge after HUGE losses. Cause I'm a tard, I guess..

Stay strong, Beautiful!

Sophie Morgan said...

You definitely did NOT gain five pounds of fat. In order to do that, you would have had to eat 17,500 MORE CALORIES than you burned, since one pound equals 3,500 calories.
And there is sure no way you ate 17,500 more calories than you burned.
Thus there is NO WAY that those pounds are fat pounds, so cheer up girl! It's all water fluctuation be patient it will be gone soon ;)