Sunday, August 18, 2013


Yesterday didn't go quite as well as I had anticipated. I basically cracked and had a quarter crispy duck with szeshwan pancakes and hoison sauce. Which was yummy. I have no idea what that means for how many cals I had yesterday. That being said though, I weighed in at 63.0kg this morning, which is great. It means that my binge didn't completely fuck everything up. Today I had a reduced cal enchilada, a cup of coffee with honey and a minneola. I think that puts me about 500 for the day. Probably a bit less than that, but let's say 500 to be safe. I was going to have grapes too, but i can have those tomorrow. 

So that friend of mine whose fiance was cheating on her and broke up with her a week ago, she already has a new beau lined up and waiting in the wings. I am so fucking jealous honestly. It is because she is thin. I know she must weigh about 55kgs. So I'm going to get competitive on her ass now. I need a hotter beau than her and the only way to do that is to be thinner. If she wants to be thin, I will be thinner, I don't give a shit. Also, when we go out I don't want to be the fat one. Fuck that honestly. Next to her I look like a hefer. I think I'm prettier though... maybe not. Fuck sakes. I HATE THIS SHIT!!

Love & Grapes
Xo Xo

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CJ (: said...

Congrats on the intake, and on your binge not totally fucking you up. You can definitely be thinner than her, and it would probably make her mad. I haven't seen her, but I've seen a picture of you, and you're definitely prettier. Don't doubt that! Xx