Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Because I Was Weak...

I now have to be strong. Quick update, because David will be here any second. I didn't binge after my post last night, so all-in-all yesterday was a relative success. Today however, I was weak from start to finish so now come dinner time, I need to be strong. I had a soy latte (148) from starbucks, I then had corguette fritters with sweet chilli sauce and salad for lunch (guessing around 400?), a biscuit (67), three small squares of chocolate (90?) and a monster (15) - total therefore is 720... oh and add three cups of coffee (no sugar), so 800. HOWEVER, I am going to have a little bit of wine, I'm guessing the content of which is around 400 cals. So 1200 for the day is not great, however to be proactive, I am not having any dinner. YES WE CAN! I'm a bit miserable that I can't have dinner, but if I hadn't have had the chocolate and the latte... or the biscuit, I'd be able to. Fuck it. 

I still haven't weighed in. I'm still too bloated and scared. I will though... eventually. Maybe tomorrow just to see where I am. I've already planned my lunch for tomorrow, so that's sorted. I just need to make it to lunch without eating anything AND NO LATTES! 

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Lolita Thin said...

Have a good evening! Maybe the bloating will be gone by morning x

Kay said...

Just found your blog! I just started on here & am also trying to lose weight! I'm going to follow you so I can read more, maybe your posts will motivate me to keep going & maybe I can help you out too! Definitely needing more weight loss friends on here!
Oh & I thought your intake today was great!
Keep it up<3