Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Shit Is Going DOWN!

Well, well. The shit has hit the fan at my work in a BIG way. Tomorrow we will find out who has been made redundant. I also got offered a job today. The salary isn't right, but I may take it if I get made redundant. I'm trying to negotiate them up by a couple of grand but I'm SO worried that they will withdraw the offer for me being greedy. ANYWAY. By tomorrow at 11am I will know whether or not I am leaving the company one way or another. Best case scenario is that the new company agrees to a slightly higher salary and that my current company gives me three months pay in lieu of redundancy. BECAUSE then I can take a month off and go on holiday to Thailand, buy a new car and then start a new job at the end of August. I doubt it will all work out like that. But let's see. WISH ME LUCK!! 

So, yesterday I binged. And I binged good. I felt sick and I was stressed. Weirdly enough though, I woke up only 0.7kg heavier than I was the day before. I'm only having about 500 cals today, so I'm hoping for a good outcome on the scales tomorrow. Today I had four cups of tea with sugar (SUGAR, I KNOW 150 cals), and a salad... maybe aboout 250, and three hershey kisses (66). So yeah. It's okay. 

WISH ME LUCK GUYS! I'm gonna need it! 

Peace & Love 
Xo Xo


warlocksmistress said...

Somehow it always works out in the end. Even if you are laid off, you've got a new job available to you already, which is fantastic. It's a change, and that may be a good thing. :)

Kay said...

Hope it works out the way you want! Your plan sounds amazing if it does! i would love to go to thailand!!

& great intake today : ) i'm jealous, I think I took over your name of "fat piggy" lately!!

Skylar Rainn said...

If the new place won't give you a raise - take the job and then prove you deserve a raise....says the girl who has no employment history at all whatsoever *gets back in dole queue*