Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Small Victories

This morning when I stepped on the scale I had lost 1.3kgs. I was absolutely amazed, but this goes to show what Kay mentioned about how you weight fluctuates up and down by about 2/3lbs with your period. I'm hoping that this is also a good sign for my weightloss and that the running is going to work with the weight loss. I'm hoping that tomorrow will also be a loss for me. Today I've had a lentil salad (250 max), coffee (120), four nectarines (180), the tiniest slice of cheese (20) and a tiny glass of wine (150) for a total of 720 for the day. I'm happy with that. Fingers crossed for a loss!! AKA A WIN!! We can all use a win sometimes. 

I've also discovered two seasons of unwatched Supersize vs Superskinny - DUDES, you can watch it on youtube, so get watching. It is the greatest thinspo ever. I'm feeling strong at the moment and I find watching fat people really helps me. Also, watching people who are teeeeny tiny without even trying is really inspiring, cuz it makes our lack of willpower sometimes completely inexcusable. 

I wanted to also share Jen's comment that she left on my last post on the subject of being gluten free:
"the only advice i can give you is that... when trying to go gluten free, don't buy things that are "gluten-free"... It defeats the purpose (of not eating)....and god forbid, the dreaded "gluten free bread"... -shivers-"
I think this is really good and important advice and thanks to Jen for sharing. Much like how fat people think that they can still eat loads and be skinny. The reality is that it isn't true for most people. The reality about being gluten free I think is learning to live without those foods. As a vegetarian, I do try to stay away from meat-imitation products for this exact reason - if I wanted meat-like products, I'd just eat meat... I'm not sure if that even makes sense. But whatever you take away from that comment, GO JEN! 

... Everyone *snaps* for Jen. :) 

Peace & Love
Xo Xo


Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ│͍͢⃝Ṣαᵯ ȽuРіῄ│❀✿ ⱴ⁄ said...

see i get that weight fluctuation - the whole 2-3lbs thing but that's because i eat like a pig pre-period. always have always will. unfortunately.
wait - you missed the opportunity to say "silver of cheese" - i've noticed you said that a lot from before and hearing it makes me happy. do you not want me to be happy like srsly
I WISH I HAD 2 UNWATCHED SEASONS OF SSVSS. dude, there's that one guy. Nick. i love him. i want to be him. he's a guy that analyses food. can you see why i'd have a total crush on him? and he is 48.6kg from what i remember. I HATE HIM omg love
i hate seeing tiny people. they just depress me and makes me want to eat. sad sad sad. but i like seeing that the tiny people sometimes eat like 1700 calories and then they are like "so yeah that is why i am so tiny." i mean i eat more than 1700 cals right now because i suck but i will get back to the swing of things. dammit.
ew gluten free
i think i developed a lacto intolerance (though it is getting better now) and even then i would not go dairy free. too much win for dairy.

-Sam Lupin

Kay said...

Glad to see you went back down! Periods are a bitch!!
: )
& great intake today! I'm totally going to get on youtube later and start watching what you mentioned! I definitely need some more motivation in my life.

Rhianna said...

It honestly is amazing how much our periods affect our weight. My weight always increases 2-3kg, but thats normally because I get so hungry before it hits, then when it does, no more hunger.

I hate it.

Its awesome you went back down though. Yes we all need a win sometimes =)