Sunday, July 27, 2014

When Saturday Turned Into Fat-her-day!

So Friday ended up being like totally fine right! I didn't eat anything more after I posted, so HOORAY for no more binging on Fridays, now just to keep that up in the future. But then yesterday, I went and saw my mother for the first time since she arrived here like... two months ago. And ended up getting drunk on Pims and eating like a pig and then having snacks and a burger afterwards with David. Not my best, but to be fair - I weighed in at 64.9kg on Saturday morning. I was 65.6 this morning, so not too bad. I didn't binge properly, like the extent to which you feel ill. Just ate too much. ANYWAY, but today I've not had too much. I'm finished eating for the day - have had a latte, vegan slices with hummus, gherkins and cucumber - total of which is I'd say around 800. So that's me for the day. 

David and I also went to Ikea and I opened a savings account. I am trying to be a more responsible adult and with this new job prospect coming up, I'm going to be earning more money. So I want to start saving for my car fund (which needs to include a year's insurance too) and then I want to start saving for a house. I figure, if I can just get my weight down along with all of this - my life will be epic again. :)

ANYWAY, another very important thing that I did on Friday was that I updated my GWs, CW and LW on my blog page (if y'all noticed). So I have finally faced the fact that I'm lardish compared to what I used to be and that in order to get down to it, I needto realign and realise that this is going to be as hard as it was the first time and that it isn't a two week starve solution. I feel really good about doing it, because it's like realigning my mindset to where I need to be. :)

Love & Determination
Xo Xo


Kay said...

I know what you mean by pigging out on Fridays & Saturdays! It's like, I'll do great allll week, and then ruin it Fridays & Saturdays! It's awful.
Anyways congratulations on the savings account thing and trying to get your life together. I'm at the same realization about needing to be an adult, I just purchased my first car (like big girl car, financing and loans and all) & it was the scariest thing I've ever done lol. I'm like "i have to pay HOW much over the next 5 years?!?!"

Also it's good that you updated your CW and GW. Definitely helps you get in the right mindset to get it in gear. I need to put my weights & everything up, except I'm so technology retarded I don't know how to put it on my page like you did, HAHA.


désespérée de maigrir said...

I feel so similarly, about adjusting expectations and realizing that maybe I'm just not in the same place as I was a few years ago (as much as it pains me to say it). My goals aren't necessarily shifting that much, but my approach must - since what I am doing is clearly not working.

Also, I really hope that things work out with your second interview for this new position. It sounds awesome and well-suited to your aptitude and skills.

Additionally, just a wee comment - I am so pleased to see that you seem so happy in this relationship! It's a refreshing change from some of the unfortunate men who have been in your life and from pining over Roy (I think that's your old BF from home, right??). You deserve to be in something good.

Warmest wishes my dear.