Sunday, February 12, 2012

Fat Fat Tummy

Fuck it. I am going to start doing 100 sit ups a day. My stomach is fucking disgusting. My legs and arms are kinda how I want them to be... okay a little skinnier would definitely do the trick, but my stomach. Man oh Man. Anyway, so today was a reasonable day. I weighed in at... 59.2 this morning. Which is acceptable. My goal for this week is to be comfortably in the 58's.

I went climbing with my housemate again and his friend after finding out that we live together said that we must be careful and not (I quote) "Shit where we eat" - I.e. don't fuck the housemate. Obviously, this was quite funny, since it has already happened. Fuck. I really have nothing to report.

I need a new diet... I don't really know what to do. Possibly a fast for two days - then a liquid fast for two days - then maybe a fruit fast for two days and another straight fast for one more. That makes a week of "fasting."

mmm. Yes. Thanks for all the lovely comments. So much love to everyone - I mean. It is a strange thing that people that read my blog actually know far more about me. And I can be honest about my life and my feelings. Tomorrow is my appointment with the ED specialist. It will be interesting to see what she says. I am NOT FUCKING GAINING WEIGHT! FUCK YOU! Also need to have my medication reviewed... which reminds me to take my meds - I forgot yesterday.

Love & Crags
Xo Xo


loveylou said...

Best of luck with the ed specialist love, stay strong!
I'm wishing nothing but the best things to come your way soon!
Fasting sounds like a good plan! Nothing makes me feel more in control.
love always,

By All Means said...

good luck with the specialist! i agree...stomach is the hardest place to get it the way you want it. i hate my stomach, but i have trouble fasting cause everyone always says something.

Aye Ell said...

Bleah, I am the opposite of you. My stomach is good. Kinda flat and a little toned. But my thighs and arms are nasty.

Charlie said...

It definitely is strange- we know more about each other here than most people in real life know about us!
Good luck seeing the specialist. I hope she's nice. I bet she is. They always are.

Judith Marie said...

Good luck with getting to 58s. I'm absolutely confident that you can do it.
And 100 sit ups is an admirable goal. I might adopt it! I'll do sit ups in the morning or something. Might be a nice way to start the day.

Anonymous said...

Grr I need to work on everything! Hope the specialist goes well!! :)

❤ ♥ Sam [Misha] Lupin ❥ ❣ said...

dear FP,
roses are red.
violets are blue.
you're all up my ass,
but bitch, do i love you. <3
love, George.

arms and legs both?! awesome.
stomach never agrees with anyone. sigh.
59.2. hmmm. you'd be in the 58's in no time!
"shit where we eat"...that's a hilarious saying. xD.
ooooh. i told you not to fuck anyone but me! George wants jooo.
liquid fasting sucks.
but you should do it with me. we can suck at liquid fasting together.
what the hell are crags?

-George DiCaprio