Saturday, February 11, 2012

Title. Hmmm..

Where to start. Well, for one thing. I weighed in at 59.5kg about five minutes ago and that was after a huge dinner of pasta... well I say huge, but you know what I mean. I ate a bit of mac and cheese with tomato sauce (which is amazing by the way - not gross. I know what you're thinking, but it's really yummy), a small slice of apple pie and about three bites of a fallafel. I also did a short but steep hike today. So worked off a little bit.

I got really drunk last night with friends and ended up sexing the housemate again. ARrrrgh there is actually something wrong with me, because I AM NOT attracted to him at all. Apparently this is a borderline thing... need for love and attention. Okay, whatever. There are also two boys kinda on the scene. The one I met last weekend, except he is old. Like 32 and a paramedic. Which, not to be a snob, is not exactly what I had in mind for a boyfriend. He is really funny and random though. Fucken silly actually. Which is just like me, but weird. I am trying to say no because he is older than I'd like. The other is this geeky physiotherapist. I am not attracted to him, but he comes from a good family... so maybe you know. Fuck i don't actually know what to do. I think I am just going to axe them all and not like... well. Rather I am going to find someone new. I had a 'to this point and no further' convo with the housemate. I don't want to date him. He isn't attractive to me. He is a stinky boy. He isn't good in bed. All in all, I am just not interested. Not even in sex. Gross. So, it looks like it's just me and George. :)

Today I went to this morning saturday market thing with three of my boy housemates. It was quite nice and actually got along really well with the one I find obnoxious. After that I painted a little bit, which was really nice, because usually I plan my paintings to the letter, but this time - I just put paint on canvas and off I went. Then I went on this mini hike up to a crag - rock wall for climbing - with the housemate I am boning. And it was awesome. So tomorrow we are meant to be going to an easier one so he can teach me how to climb. Fucking can't wait. EXCITED. It is really really nice to be doing new things. There was this SUPER hot boy there who is turning 22 this year, fucking too young for me and a little too short, but oh so beautiful. Wowowowow.

I had an interview yesterday for the most epic job. I really hope that I get the job. It is really good money and it is in student governance at my university, which is right up my alley. Fucken stoked.

Anyway, thank you for your lovely comments. I am slowly catching up on all your blogs. LOVE it. Below is some Posh thinspo. Her new spread in I-D mag, which I have no idea what that is, but I saw it and I aspire to look like her. She really is my ultimate thinspo. Go Vic Beckham. Fuck yeah. Gonna post some pics of myself soon, like so yall can seeeeee me. :) Which I promised to do ages ago. Anyway.

Love & Sleep
Xo Xo


Charlie said...

It sounds like you had a good day today. :) I'm so jealous- I've always wanted to try rock climbing... I've always just assumed I'm way too out of shape to even try.
Good luck with the job! I hope you get it. :)

LittleMissFairy said...

I hope you get the job.
About VB, you are so right. She IS the ultimate thinspiration with the high heels and beautiful dresses and she's a mom... Im rambling again...
Stay strong lovely <3

Dumb Brunette said...

Sounds like you had fun. I've always wanted to try rock climbing.

Posh is so lovely. And she's short like me (well, not quite as short), so she's like the perfect thinspiration.

Looking forward to seeing some pics of you. I'm sure you're gorgeous!

kes said...

I love hiking. And I've always wanted to try rock climbing. Good luck with the job! I hope you get it.

Run said...

VB is really pretty. I've seen the pictures from that shoot and she looks good.

Mac and cheese with tomato sauce... I'm curious now.

Judith Marie said...

I adore VB. I think she is absolutely beautiful!

Also, I don't think 32 is old! But I do think 22 is young. Which is super hypocritical because I am 22. But I've always had a thing for older guys so meh.

I can't wait to see pics of you! Bet you are thinner than you give yourself credit for.

Hope you get that job! And thanks for your continued support. I missed you!

Anonymous said...

I love VB too - she's amazing. I recently found your blog btw. I haven't had chance to read much but I will do soon :)

❤ ♥ Sam [Misha] Lupin ❥ ❣ said...

it sounds yummy. :3
59.5. i'm jealous. i'm too scared to look at mine. xD
George is displeased. sex George up! :c
ahahaha. he's a paramedic though! i'd date him. George is gay. well, actually, i love women so if he has a sex change...yeah, that'll be great.
axe them all but love me. :3
why do they call it boning anyway?
ahahaha. "too short". damn do i Misha you.
whatever she is, she looks like she wants sex!
-George DiCaprio
PS. welcome back, my babe!

loveylou said...

i hope you get the job love!