Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Made of STEEL!

I feel invincible today. Fuck to the yeah! First off, I have managed to stay at 434 cals for the day, despite being absolutely convinced that I was going to go over. And my saving grace? The boy who made dinner tonight - okay it was only stuffed aubergines - put onions in it. I am mentally fucking allergic to onions. So. This is what I ate today. I had two small apples - I found these bags in my supermarket which have tiny apples for school kiddies in them, a plum - okay a huge one, two tiny strawberrys, a cup of coffee with a teaspoon of honey, three... or four cups of tea, 4 rice cake thins with fat free cottage cheese and some rocket. Then about two olives. Sounds like so much doesn't it? But according to my faithful calorie counter is is only 434. Which is amazing. Not gonna lie, feeling quite hungry, but saying that who cares. I love this feeling of being hungry. It makes me feel strong. Like nothing can control me. I am in charge of my body. Fuck yeah bitches.

Tomorrow I am meant to start the cabbage soup diet with Sammy, but it looks like I may need to postpone till thursday because I have a dinner tomorrow that I totally forgot about. I checked out their menu and I think I may be okay if I order the seared tuna and salmon salad. No carbs, no fat. So maybe I shall just do that. And then only fruit during the day tomorrow. I'm scared that I will fail at this. I really really need to make it through tomorrow, so be expecting multiple posts. I find that this is the best way to get through it. Fuck yeah.

Peace & Plums
Xo Xo


Lilah Lee said...

Nice job on the cals for today! That's awesome ;) I'm so stoked for your cabbage diet! Keep us updated on what you decide to dooo! :)

Little Miss Thin ♥ said...

You won't fail <3 xx

thinandbones said...

You GOT this girlie!! <3

Charlotte said...

Girl u got this! Just keep ur eye on the prize lol.. Put some rubber bands on ur wrists and when ur hungry SNAP :).. Ittll mentally associate food with pain... Totally worked today until ten minutes ago when i got struck by mother nature and ended up infulgin myself in chocolate -_-.. But good luck tomorw ima be reading!!!
Forever and Always,
Charlotte <3

BatteredRose said...

Hi, I'm your new reader ;D
You had a really good day, good job!!
And you ate healthy stuff!!
And the salad is a good choice!
Wish you good luck for the dinner and the cabbage soup diet!!

❤ ♥ Sam [Misha] Lupin ❥ ❣ said...

stuffed aubergines sound yummy and delish. fuck. <3
the coffee derails me as well. xD.
it doesn't sound like much, babe. <3
i just feel tired. xD. i think that my tiredness offsets how empty and nauseous i am right now. and that's good. <3
it's alright, babe! :3
and i cannot wait until Thurs. ahahahaha! it's so exciting to start our own diet. we should do it again if it works out well!
-Sam Lupin

Vampire said...

Pretty sure salmon has fat, but you do you?