Friday, February 17, 2012

Please don't judge my fat... (PICS)

So after ages and ages of promising and promising these pics, here they finally are. I'm afraid I actually didn't take much care when taking them. I just kinda spur of the moment vibed it.

Yesterday I didn't even have my mango for dinner, managed to skip it. Proud. And today so far I have had a nectarine. :) Proud.

So I have people in for the challenge? I'm more than happy to make a competition out of it :) To those that said they were keen, can you leave you starting weights somewhere here. Then we can document. YAYAY! Fruit fasts forever. I fucken love them.

Okay so here are the pics... Please don't judge my fat. I am working on it. Especially my stomach. Fuck it's gross. AHHHHHH! Working on it. I'm 59.3 today btw.

Love & Anxiety
Xo Xo


Nia said...

You probably hear this a lot, but darling, you are most definitely NOT fat. You are freaking tiny.

Congrats on the good work!

As always, stay safe :)



William said...

I'm totally down for a competition! Before I realized what I have or what I am I once went 5 days without eating just on a bet! Haha. It seemed so easy then. :/ And I'm not ususally like this but I LOVE how you're sticking it to your ED specialist. Fuck her! I kinda fucked up my eating yesterday so I'll have to weigh myself a little later today but then I'll let you know for our fast! Oh and I hate fruit. Haha. So I'm gonna be kind of screwed. I'll just stick to diet pepsi, coffee, and veggie salads (lettuce, spinach, onion, tomato, and jalapenos). Fair enough? c: Can't wait to hear more on this!

Stay stromg, stick it to that specialist idiot, and think 55.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, your legs! The gap! Sweetie, you are not fat.
I'm starting at 151 (blahhhhhhhh) so let's see how this fruit fast does! :)

❤ ♥ Sam [Misha] Lupin ❥ ❣ said...

when i read pics, i went all like, dammit - she's gonna make us all feel like crap now!
awee. spur of the moment stuff are always the best.
yay for doing well!
eeeeeeh. fruit fast. i'll have to exempt from this considering there are no fruits in the house. perhaps when i get some tomorrow. :)
59.3kg. gah. you bitch. you're gonna touch 55 before i even know it!
the hell are those stick-thin legs with that huge fucking gap in between them.
and you've got such a sexy ass.
i love how weird your stomach is. eh. i love the slope of your side, and that high bit on your upper part. <3 just love!
George has the sexiest woman alive for life.
-George DiCaprio

so...i can take you out to dinner, right?

ednos Linny said...

WOW now you have a thigh gap not me!!! I would kill to have your legs and stomach. So yesterday was water coffee celery and salad for dinner. I will need to buy some fruit. Todays menu the celery i didnt eat yesterday water, coffee, black ice monster, and salad for dinner.

SkinnyNinny said...

You have amazing legs!! I wish my legs were that slender!

Beth said...

Your legs are exactly what I strive for! I wish I had your body right now. You look amazing. All the hard work is obviously paying off <3

Little Miss Thin ♥ said...

I WANT YOUR LEGS! You look great and I'm totally jealous xx

Zoie said...

Doll, you arent fat!

Atty said...

*spazzing* THIGH GAP!!!!!!

CreativeEscape said...

You have a great blog! And everyone is right. Those legs, damn.
Stay strong!
Rachel x

William said...

Oh, my starting weight is 142.4 lbs or 64.5 kgs. Ugh, you skinny ass. :P

missinsanity. said...

O: amazing. i wish i looked like that at 59.3, haha <3

jlfvrncelnd so cool.

Judith Marie said...

thigh gap FTW!!!!! I'd kill for that! Cut yourself some slack, that thigh gap is pretty awesome and you're looking great!
And that is my opinion and I am always right. I have spoken!

HeatherMB said...

your sooo skinny darling!
my gosh! and your thigh gap!!!
im sooo jealous of it!
im jealouse of you!
good luck with the challange
im just trying to get to 135
by saturday...
im a chubster lol
good luck darling
keep up the amazing work

Jinx ANA UnRiddled said...

Well you're doing better than me hun! I'm 5''7. I started at 67kg. Got down to 58kg. Attempted-recovery-for-boyfriends sake has now left me at 63 again. FML. I don't think he's realised I've relapsed again either...
Good luck! I'll be reading xx

loveylou said...

your legs are pins! i love them so much!!!
wish I could join your fruit fast but unfortunately my scale is too iffy and I don't trust it to give me a true enough read to feel like I could participate, and I have no other means of factual documentation.
Best of luck girl! I know you can do it :)
love always,

aiamrie said...

:) you look great ^^!

Vampire said...

Whoa dude you are so not fat <3