Tuesday, February 28, 2012

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So Sammy and I are going to start the cabbage soup diet plan thing tomorrow. :) She is actually on day two already, but we are going to start together. Here is the plan http://www.cabbage-soup-diet.com/eating-plan/. My modifications are going to be as follows - first off that soup looks fucken NASTY as fuck. Sammy is doing a revised version. I will be too. More of a tomato soup I think. Also, I DON'T eat potatoes or butter. These are NOT safe foods. Or beef (Sammy is replacing this with tofu type thingys, which I don't like - so maybe ...) OR rice. Like there is NO way I will eat rice on a diet. Anyway, but yes. Stoked about this :) Hopefully I can get down to my elusive 55 by the end of it. We are going to do it for seven days initially, then see for another seven perhaps.

I may post more today, because I find that posting keeps me in check sometimes. Today I have had coffee with low fat milk (there was no skim) and a teaspoon of honey (WTF is wrong with me!!?), half a cup of tea and a plum. Going to fruit it for the rest of the day then make some butternut soup for dinner later.

Plan? :)

Love & Stick-At-It-Ness
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Dainty said...

Best of luck with your cabbage soup diet!

All my support,

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the diet! I could never do that....cabbage yucky. :)

Little Miss Thin ♥ said...

Good luck and count me in for a soup diet- I'll do a post on it later! And I'm sorry to hear your ED specialist was a bitch. <3 xx

Lilah Lee said...

Good luck!! This actually sounds super fun. I'll be reading your updates and if you get good results I may just try it :D

❤ ♥ Sam [Misha] Lupin ❥ ❣ said...

we're the boss.
it is as nasty as fuck. i tried it and i shot myself. revised versions are so much better. let's break this fucking plateau!!!!!!!!!!!
potatoe is such a safe food for me. if i have potatoe in a meal with vegetables, i have no problem not eating later on. it fills me up so well. did you try boiled potatoes?
rice is a fucking binge food. *sighs* we'll fix it when it comes to it :3 i was so looking forward to some brown rice w/ soy sauce and veggies though. evil Piggy!
gah. i had a plan of eating normally. after the cucumbers and carrots, i had a yoghurt w/ cereal, and six chocolate pieces. and that's just about it. fucking fuck. that doesn't make any sense.
-Sam Lupin

KC said...

Sounds like a great plan, good luck! I making some cabbage/veggie soup after reading this, thanks for the idea : )

Atty said...

Aw piggy! You're so cool!

Vampire said...

Cabbage is amazing though? Don't hate.