Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fruit Fast Day 1

So, after all the trauma that accompanied seeing that miserable whore of an ED specialist. FUCK HER! I have decided that I want to weigh 55kg by the next time she sees me. Which is in a week and a half. I think 3kgs is easy enough to lose in about ten days. So the plan essentially is to fruit fast until then. I am of course allowed coffee and wine. NOTHING else though. And coffee with soy milk, not yukky cows milk. Anyone want to join? She says I look "fine", so that is what I will make myself. Fine. I think I will look fine at 55. At 50. So fuck her. Miserable fucking bitch.

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my last blog. It was trully horrible. I have not, and I repeat HAVE NOT decided to recover. I don't want to recover. I am not putting on weight. I am not eating normally. I am not recovering. I have nothing to recover from. The way that I am is not wrong. FUCKING BITCH! I am only seeing her to make my psychologist happy. And since the specialist thinks I am fine. Then, confirmed, there is no fucking problem. Whore bitch.

I am having an interesting time with my psychologist at the moment, because our sessions are becoming more conversational. Which is absolutely lovely :) I really really adore her. She helps me see things that are problematic in my life. At the moment she is helping me out with my complicated boy situation. I have resigned myself to the fact that I may need to move... since. Well. Sexing your housemate is not a good idea especially if he thens fall in love. Fuck sakes. He only lost his virginity at 24. Not that I am judging, but this says a lot about the clingy individual I am dealing with. Saying this however, I know the whole fucken thing is 100% my fault. *fucking sigh* There is another boy who is 22 and HAWT! He is really into electro music and invited me to a braai at his house on Sunday... so I am going to have to look all sexy. Hopefully will still be going strong on the fruit fast, so will be in 57's. How could he say no? :p

Anyone wanna do a ten day fruit fast with me? Today I have had one cup of coffee with a dash of fat free milk and a teaspoon of honey. A small bunch of grapes and a nectarine. I think I will have mango for dinner. And at least another 1.5l of water. Yes we can! Let me know. We can make a challenge? Maybe... I dunno. FUCK ED SPECIALIST MUTHA FUCKERS! AMANDLA!

Love & Kate Moss
Xo Xo


Zasha said...

Please stay safe. :(

❤ ♥ Sam [Misha] Lupin ❥ ❣ said...

3kg in ten days sounds possible. :) that's about...wait. i'm a calculator here. a weight loss of .66lbs per day or .3kg a day. which sounds doable! ;)
and wine too? xD
coffee i understand but the wine! xD
i'm already juice-fasting. so i'm practically fruit fasting. all my juices are fruits. however, i've had my nibble day thing today (i thought of nibbling on a bunch of things so i don't go all like *need binge*), but i'll be the wagon tomorrows. :) so yeah. i'm with you. in one prospect. xD
whore bitch. George loves you.
.......babe. George is angry. xD enough men already. you have me. x3.
ever since the labs fiasco, i have not been able to keep anything that's properly porportioned and solid. 0___o weird. i think it has to do with the fact that i saw her in my ED dream.
...i make no sense.
J is my enabler. *sigh*

-Sam Lupin

Anonymous said...

I'd like to do a fruit fast ^_^ I'm in!

ednos Linny said...

Since all I have had is coffee and now sipping on my Black Ice Monster and have celery in my purse. I will need to name mine fruit and veggie fast but what the hell. it will compensate for the HUGE drink fest I will be having on saturday. My step son turned 21 on V-day he is on probation so we did not want to take him drinking here so saturday we are headed out of town to whoop it up in another town lol. Please be careful I get it about being hurt on what she said but hun really you are very tiny trust me. Oh and thanks so much for the thigh gap comment on my pic...I had to go back and look still do not see it but thanks for writing it. take care love!!

Sunshinechild said...

I am absolutely in. I'll be starting up tomorrow with you. Instead of coffee, I do tea, and I love wine :) I'm starting at about 59 kg so I'm aming for 55 kg as well. Most weight I've ever lost in 10 days doing a fruit yogurt fast was 4.9kg, so I know we can do this. Want to have a competition? :)

Marie said...

I am in too starting tomorrow!! Tea, fruits, and veggies only. only exception would be oatmeal if i feel a binge coming on.

By All Means said...

oooh i wanna do the fruit fast! but i may have to cut it short :/ if i go home before its over im gonna have to eat at home, but im so in while im still here at my friends :)