Sunday, April 29, 2012

Coffee Fast?

I have managed to not eat anything today and only have three cups of coffee with milk. I am really excited to buy some Splenda since I am now in a country that sells it and I can't wait to have sweetener in stuff guilt free. I am in such a gross fat disgusting mood today. My boy hasn't been helping. Fuck, I don't actually know why I am posting. Actually I do. I need to finish this essay I'm working on except I have zero motivation to do so. Although. Once it's done, it's done. I feel so defeated and lonely. On one hand I wish I were home, but knowing what's there for me, i.e. nothing. I don't want to go back. I almost feel like crying. Although I also know that I am just PMS-ing right now.

Fuck balls.

Loneliness & PMS.
Xo Xo


Emma said...

I'm sorry love :/ I get like that so much; feeling down on everything. I love coffee fasts though, they make everything even just a little bit better.
Hang in there <3

Judith Marie said...

Aw my pretty lady, don't let the wicked city get you down. It's not easy starting somewhere new and I bet you're just feeling the stress of it. Just take some time and chill out with a nice cuppa and you'll feel right when the evil PMS ends.

autumn butterfly said...

*hugs* Hope you find motivation for the essay. Homesickness is horrible.

Can I invite you to a forum? We're trying to help it grow. I don't know if you remember the days of BDF or Ana Underground, but I'd love it to just be that supportive community like they were, where we can all go and share love.
It's at

*hugs again* and wicked about splenda, I LOVE sweetener! xxx