Sunday, April 22, 2012


Today, I am starting a full on detox for one whole week. It's going to be a vegan detox. NO dairy, meat (obviously), alcohol, weed, ciggies. Only water, green tea, vegan soup and fruit. No diet sodas either. *cry* No caffeine. I expect to get really sick this week as well, because my flatmate is sick and you seriously can't live in such close proximity to someone who is sick and not get sick yourself. So yes, vegan detox cleanse.

I am also going to attempt to get regular amounts of sleep and not excessive amounts and also, get into normal sleeping hours. Well, I expect that in about an hour I am going to go get some sleeping pills and comatose myself for the next week until I am skinny, detoxed and well. I need to start drinking more water, but the water in London is so filthy and it tastes terrible!

OH did I mention that I am one week without ciggies?? I haven't smoked since last friday. :) :) I am proud of myself. So now, I just need to keep it up. I do feel healthier for it. I need to drink more water. Gawd. I've been stoned binging for the last three days. Although, it's not BAD binges, it is still a binge. Yes, so detox is a go.

You know I wonder sometimes about human nature and people. I know that people call me skinny. Even though I am not. I know the only reason they call me skinny is because they are jealous that they are fat. I am thinner than they are and therefore this is not okay. So they will try fatten me up out of jealousy. Not because there is anything wrong with me or the way I look, just because they are jealous of my willpower. Wow. I sound so conceited. But I know this is true. I have a friend who constantly tells me I am too thin. But when it was her that was too thin she thought it was beautiful. And I know she thinks skinny is beautiful. The only reason she says this now, is because she jealous. And wants me to be fat like her. *Rant*

OH. I got the freelance writing job. YAY! Just waiting on my login details for the site so I can start taking on assignments. I will only get paid at the end of May which sucks balls. But I guess it's okay for now. :)

Peace & Detox
Xo Xo


Dumb Brunette said...

Oh good luck! I bet it will make you feel good. I've been eating loads of fruits and veggies and cut out a lot of starches this week and I feel fucking fantastic.

Oh, btw you should eat lots of dark greens so you can keep your iron up, especially since there's sick peoples about. I'm sure you're already getting loads of vitamins from all the fruit.

Kamila Jade said...

congratulations for your job and 1 week without cig. This week is going to be a new start for me too. stay strong :)

Whymsie said...

Congrats on the ciggs and job and well done! Best of luck for this week :)

désespérée de maigrir said...

Congrats on both not-smoking and your new job!

Your body will be so happy with you for shunning cigs, alcohol, and animal products :) I've been a vegan for four years, if you need any advice or recipes, don't hesitate to ask.

Bones said...

Ah, best of luck with the detox. That's going to do you wonders, I imagine, though I do hope you don't get sick.

I've stopped drinking alcohol, as well; I feel healthier for it. I can't seem to filly rid myself of smokes, though... suppose i havn't really put my mind to it.

And yeah, you're thin, they're jealous. They can deal with that. xx

loveylou said...

Hey Love! I'm Back and catching up on your blog!!! I've missed reading about your crazy life :P
I'm glad the move went well! That's so exciting, a fresh start of sorts?
Also I can totally relate to the stoned-binges, story of my life for the last week it's been awful. But at least you haven't been smoking! Yay for no more cancer! I quit in December and even though I smoke weed every day I still feel sooooo much better. Now I only smoke occasionally if I"m out drinking and with other people who smoke, but even still I'll wake up the next day with a worse-than--the-worst-hangover-you've-had cig-over. LOL.
also congrats on the new job!!
love always,