Monday, April 30, 2012

Herp Derp

I finished two assignments last night, so now I am going to get my first British paycheck! YAY!! Well. It's a pittance because I only worked for a week, but still! YAY! Anyway, so now I am back to the drawing board with jobs, because I do still want a full time job. Although, if I can make a decent living doing freelance, that would also be great since I'd love to work from home. I am a recluse. I actually know that I am a total recluse. Anyway, so I am going to move out to zone 6 in London away from the noise of the city. I think I will be happier out there. :)

Anyway, yesterday we got stoned and then I ate EVERYTHING. Well cookies, peanut m&m's, more cookies, more chocolate. Gawd. How awful.

Today however I have only had two chocolate disgestives. I'm going to have a cup of tea or coffee and go to bed. So my total today will be about 200. I need to get my bank card since I can't draw any money, I have no money. FUCK FUCK! Anyway. Then it is fruit and soup. I still have so much soup to eat. My goals for now are to not binge until the weekend. Five days of 500 cal restriction, preferably NO more chocolate disgestives. Also, I am to make 2000 GBP this month from my writing. Which means I need to do 500 a week. Which is a lot, but I think I can do it if I work hard. Fuck balls.

So a little boy drama. The skinny is basically that my ex and i are doing a long distance thing till he comes here in August. While we were on break he got that bitch whore pregnant. AND this bitch whore is a friend of his best friends girlfriend, so she's still around even though they aren't seeing each other. IT's his birthday tomorrow and he was meant to have dinner with these friends and they fucking invited her. So I pitched a total fit and he cancelled his dinner. I mean, they are meeting him for a birthday dinner WHY INVITE HER!? I think the bestfriends girlfriend hates me - she always wanted her stupid whore friend to hook up with my boy. GODDAMMIT! I hate actually talking about this since I am the stupid girl that is still with him. Fuck. I don't think I freaked too bad, I told him if he saw her at dinner we are through. HE could just uninvite her. Then he cancelled. But what the fuck is the bitches problem?? I want to call her and tell her to stop trying to get him with the whore. Ah fuck it, I never say names, but hers is Amanda. This bitch whore Amanda also got drunk with us one night when we first hooked up and was dirty dancing with my boy at a club. I fucking hate her. I want to rip her goddamn face off! SO mad. Anyway, it's not important. I will get over it eventually. I hope.

Fuck balls. OH new game of thrones! Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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Xo Xo

**EDIT** - the bitch whore had an abortion thank god, I forgot to mention this. So she doesn't need to be around any of us. And I also know that it isn't technically her fault, I mean he fucked her. But the anger remains... and EDIT THINSPO!


Anonymous said...

That's such a sucky situation to be in 'cause that girl and the baby are going to be part of your BF's life in one way or another for a while. Congrats on even part time free lancing. That is very cool.

Alice said...

Aww:( Don't let the bitch get you she's not worth your time. I hope the the rest of the week gets better! Good luck on the 500 cal restriction. <33

Anonymous said...

Ugh I know what you mean, damn those chocolate digestives!
Also that is a bad situation and would react the same way if I was you, no way would I want him to see her. Try not to think about it all, just know you are above that, and he chose you.
Alice xx

Tatyana said...

Man that situation is so damn annoying and makes life look like more soap opera than it should be. You'll sort that out somehow. ^^

And you know I visited London last week and fell in love with the city... and guess who is getting me inspired now that my own field of study is seeming to be full of shit in here (Finland) and I so don't wanna be here. Watch me, I'm sure to come there too at some point of my life when I first come back from Asia.

But back to your situation, as annoying as it is she's the girl of your man's best friend and it's sure that they are gonna see each other just because of that. And unfortunately there's not much you can say about it because it's his friend and girls shouldn't try but in those relationships. You can be mad of course but it's not gonna help any relationship to stay that way. Life throws you lemons, you bite it and try to spit it out but the taste remains no matter what you drink. It fades with time until you learn to live with it.

P.S Sharing the love-hate relationship with diggestives