Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Daily Vits

I have decided I want to find out what vitamins and minerals I need every day and eat fruits and veggies to get there. No animal protein, except milk - skim milk.

SO I need:
Protein: 58g
Total Fat: 56g
Saturated Fat: 18.6g
Carbs: 275g
Dietary Fibre: 20g
Cholesterol: 300mg
Calcium: 0.4-0.5mg
Sodium: 1350mg
Iron: 19mg
Vitamin A: 750mg
Folic Acid: 200mg
Vitamin C: 30mg

Actually, I don't care about that at all. I need iron though. I am feeling vert fatigued at the moment and past experience tells me that it is low iron. Which means I need vitamin C to absorb the iron. OKAY. So I am going to have about 300g of beetroot and a pineapple for the vitamin C. Then some tomato soup if I am hungry. Yes, this is a good plan.

I have been binging for days. It's disgusting.

Peace & Vitamins
Xo Xo


Judith Marie said...

Join the binging club my friend. I've been binging too. It's getting cold here and my fried food cravings are through the roof.
Oh my. Beetroot. Healthy. I can't stomach it though! But I adore pineapple!

Katie Ehrlich said...

Pineapple is amazing and so good for you. I go to the doc next week to find out what my body is lacking. I know iron for sure, but who knows what else. Keep up you're awesome plan.

Charlie said...

Tomato soup sounds so good.... They never serve it in the dining hall here... Pineapple, too.
This post just reminded me to take my vitamins, hahah. :)

Anonymous said...

Blegh, same here. I'm addicted to cheese and bread lately; which is horrible for me of course >.<
Stay strong <3