Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hungover Binging

Fuck it, I know everyone binges when they are hanging. And actually all things considered I didn't do too badly. I mean I had breakfast and a huge dinner. But it was actually okay. But still a binge. I managed to fast on Friday but then got hammered ass drunk on an empty stomach of course. Ended up being embarrassingly drunk. Nonetheless, I managed to not hook up with anyone, thankfully. And then made my way home. Spent yesterday feeling oh-so-sorry for myself and watched gossip girl all day. Fuck it. I need to be more productive.

So I need to start this test essay I have and get my forms in tomorrow for NI. Ya, and then I have a really cool interview on the 26th, so hopefully. I can have a full time job sooner or later. I NEED TO WEIGH MYSELF!!

I need to get a job first though, since the scale is the reward, but today I haven't eaten yet, so I am going to have some soup (brocolli and stilton) and then maybe a kiwi fruit. I should end up with cals of around 300 today. Proud :) :)

I need to get to work.

Love & Soup
Xo Xo


AstoriaC said...

good luc with the interview!

Judith Marie said...

Go kick some ass and get a job! I know you can do this girl! And well done on your calorie count. Amazing. You always have these amazingly low calorie counts my pretty lady!