Monday, April 23, 2012

Edamame Beans

I read recently that Posh eats only edamame beans, strawberries and lettuce. So I bought an edamame bean salad for lunch. Which I haven't eaten yet. So I think. Well no. Lemme start again. A friend of mine is arriving from Cape Town tomorrow morning at like 6am. So I am going to meet him at Heathrow.

I have a phone interview in a couple of minutes which I am going to do. Then I am going to shower. Eat my bean salad. Or maybe just some strawberries. I think I'll go beans. It is about 300 cals in the whole salad. A good total for the day. And it is vegan. I am then going to shower and take two sleeping pills which I just bought and pass out till 5am. Leave at around 6am to get to the airport.

I had a bit of a tiff with my boy earlier because he is going to get HIS HOUSEKEYS aka my housekeys back from the slut whore bag mutha fucken cunt troll that he got pregnant. It. Makes. My. Blood. Boil. Anyway, I know he won't fuck her again or anything... well I hope he won't. I trust him. I trust him. I trust him. I trust him. I made a wishlist of things that I want. So I need to work on getting them, firstly to ace this interview.

I want to start a weightloss group called Team Posh. Cuz I love Vic Beckham. But that's lame and I'm not a groupie. Okay, and the red band thing. Thanks for all the feedback. I need to find out how much postage is before I send these things. I may need some donations... but ya. I found a place to buy them. They are so cheap. The whole thing plus postage should be less than about three pounds. Will keep yall posted. Spread the word.

Love & Peace
Xo Xo


Katie Ehrlich said...

I'm not a huge fan of beans, but that does sound like an awesome intake for the day. I'm thinking some egg whites for lunch. I didn't know your boy got another girl pregnant. I would have a hard time trusting him again. Good for you for giving it a shot.

DiscoPanic said...

hello (: I've been reading your blog for sometime and have finally joined! edamame beans are delicious, but I'd pick strawberries any day (:

Run said...

I think I have some edamame beans in the kitchen. I definitely prefer them over strawberries but I prefer lettuce over the beans haha.
He got another girl pregnant? Wow.

Good luck with the interview. x

❤ ♥ Sam [Misha] Lupin ❥ ❣ said...

i thought your background was moving. Gosh, i am so tired.
i've never tasted them beans. i wanted to once. rock salted ones but i didn't get a chance too and strawberries sound really good right about now. except not the frozen kind. those are GROSS.
300 cals in the whole salad. hmm. good salad.
how are sleeping pills? ...yes. i'm wondering because i'm thinking of getting some. but i'm also slightly afraid i will be the type to overdose. think twenty diet pills in one day type of person asking for sleeping pills.
the fuck did he do? did he get another chicko preggo? bastard.
i'd be your groupie. ;)
and Gosh. i might talk to you when i'm not so down. i kind of don't want to talk to anyone right now, babe. x i'll talk when i will, okay?
i'm alive.
i'm breathing.
-Sam Lupin