Sunday, January 27, 2013


Well, I actually managed a day of fruit and restricting calories today quite reasonably I'd say. And more importantly than that, I managed to stay within the detox. To be honest though, according to the original detox I saw, I wasn't allowed any dairy, caffeine and artificial sweetener. I still have coffee with milk though. Because god be damned, if I don't get that. I'd shrivel and die. And then with that is the new Monster Zero Cal. It is my new favourite zero cal energy drink. So, fuck it. I had one of those. But it terms of staying away from chrisps and chocolate, pasta, pizza and bread and shit, I have managed six days. Only 24 to go. Tomorrow I am going to try to stick to 800 again. The benefit of drinking so much coffee is that it really does work as an appetite suppressant. I am mutantly paranoid however that my teeth are going to turn brown. I have this weird obsession with teeth. I do pay a lot of very close attention to peoples teeth. If I'm looking at a dude, he can't have nasty teeth. Maybe crooked is fine, but like nasty decaying and British. NEIN!

I feel like I'm having a fairly spectacular rant right now... Oh so what I did today. I went out with this friend of mine to Greenwich and we chilled in the park and drank coffee. Then missioned to get a bit of cabbage and came back to mine. It has been cool, because she's ED so there is no pressure from her to eat. Which there is with most friends. If you spend more than four hours with someone the topic of food is likely to come up and she doesn't think I'm strange for saying no. It's cool. I have smoked an exponential amount of cheese tonight and this may be a stoned mumble...

I am so fat at the moment. My cheeks are just so enormous. I am enormous. I am however determined to lose all of it by the end of February. I saw a list of 100 greatest novels of all times. On that list, there were two that I had read. Both of them were books that were prescribed to me in second year English literature... it may have even been first year. ANYWAY, my point is. And I know this next statement makes me a bit of a freak, but I don't read a lot of books. I read when I'm on the tube which is rarely. A book takes me months to finish. The reason why is: Law school. I had to read SO much in law school, it just about drowned me. And now, I just associate reading with wanting to fall asleep. Because of the amount of time you spend reading as a law student. So I don't read a lot of novels. That's my dirty little secret. What's yours?

Peace & Love
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Tatyana said...

I don't read much either. I'm also used to reading my test books so no time for anything else... and when I got holidays, I just really don't want to read that much. Me and my fried are doing our own top 100 list because we both basically hated those books in that list xD

But good job, like awesome to stay with the detox, I think that little changes to those are ok, because I couldn't stay at it without coffee either... I'd be so lost and miserable that I'd not see the point in finishing that.

ꜛⱴאּ Sⱥm ŁupiƝ ҂ said...

i really love you sometimes
well scratch that - ALL THE TIME
new theme, new pic, new everything - kinda evokes the feeling of detox, eh?
that's a dirty little secret? ;D
mine happens to be chubby people. i'm just obsessed with curves and i don't mean chubby as in 50+ pounds overweight. like 10, 20, at most 30-40 depending on how much of it is muscle and stuff. omg. they are delicious critters.
-George DiCaprio

Katie Elizabeth said...

You're doing so well on your detox. I'm so jealous of you =)
I hope you continue to do well and that your book is coming along pretty good. Have fun =)

Sunshinechild said...

I have dreams all the time about my teeth getting punched out, or they would just fall out spontaneously or crumble to dust. I looked into it and apparently dreams about your teeth falling out and/or a fear of damage to your teeth is actually an overall preoccupation with or self consciousness about your appearance. Weird huh? Are you talking about the Monster that comes in a white can? If so, I know exactly what you mean. I have at least 6 a week and it's really the only thing I drink besides coffee/tea/water or monster absolute zero in the blue/purple can. I'm trying to think of my dirty little secret... Umm I guess the worst thing I'm keeping besides my ED is that when I organized the house and sorted through clothes to give away yesterday I gave away a bunch of my BFs really old nasty clothes I've never seen him wear in our 3 years of dating but he won't give away. He'd probably be mad if he noticed, which he won't, but I never intend to tell him :p I'm such a bad ass lol <3 Stay strong