Monday, January 7, 2013

Fast till Friday?

I've decided that I am going to fast till Friday. As of. 4am this morning. Yes, sadly, late night binging. Whoop  fast fast fast. So I'm... 14 hours in and feeling great. Still feeling quite bloaty after all the junk I ate last night, but whatevs. So the fast will be till 4pm on Friday afternoon I think, which will make it 108 hour fast. Wow, that actually doesn't seem too long. Mmm. This will officially be the longest fast I've ever tried and I'm really keen to make it.

Peace & Love
Xo Xo


loveylou said...

I've been trying to fast as well! I did have to go to my boyfriends this weekend and since I'm with him all day he makes me eat something but I still managed to get a quick 2 day in there. I'm soo keen to start again though! I had a huge binge last week that I'm desperately trying to fix and I can already see a huge difference in 2 days. Would you want a fasting buddy at all??
e-mail me at
love always

Mystic said...

I'm fasting this week too! I'm going for seven days. Also the longest I've ever tried! Good luck and stay hydrated!!


Sophie said...

You're a great inspiration to me and because of this I've decided to fast as well. Hope you do well, good luck!

Katie Elizabeth said...

Good luck and be safe sweetheart.

That Girl said...

Hello lovely!
It's so great when someone else is also fasting. I started fasting after reading this post eralier and im keen on making it too. It could be amazing! Though I just started today and then 99 hours forward.
I wish you luck !

How about your photoshoot? Aren't you gonna do that anymore, or?