Thursday, January 31, 2013

Brainless Baby

My lovely Piglets (lol, yes that has actually stuck now, sozzles). I must say, I was quite surprised with the response to the tough talking post from yesterday. It does seem like it actually may be a little useful to trash talk people... LOL. I say lol and soz a lot lately and I hate myself for it. Lolsies, for realsies, sozzles, sozzlekins. Fuck sake. I need to start talking like an adult again. I have been working since I woke up this morning and now I literally feel like one of those babies born without a brain. Vacant. That is totally a medical condition btws, didn't make that shit up. Judith will verify! JUDITH! 

Day 11 of my detox is complete, and I'm almost halfway. I lost 0.4kg this morning. So the total for the week is 0.8. So far. It isn't great but at least it is a loss. I'm slowly starting to feel like my old self again. Thin. My cheeks are getting thinner, my belly is flatter, my arms are looking good. I just need to see those chest bones again and I'll be a-for-away. To recap for those that asked, the detox is quite simple. No added sugar (which includes artificial sweeteners as well, i.e. splenda) - I have had one thing with artificial sweetener in it though, but compared to the fifteen thousand litres of diet soda I go through in a week... No alcohol - this has sucked but I've replaced it with cheddar (smokeables, if you know what I mean). No legumes, grains or starch, no dairy (I'm drinking milk though in my coffee, because fuck you) and no potatoes. Basically, I've been living on protein (chicken, tuna, eggs), fruits, nuts and veggies. When I saw veggies, I mean carrots. Raw carrots, because I HATE vegetables. Literally, unless it is covered in sauce of some description, I won't eat it. Well there are a few exceptions, salad greens and raw veggies I'll eat, peas, corn... uh zucchini.. mushrooms, beetroot, peppers... Yeah that's it really. My sister is forever on at me about not eating vegetables, but fuck them, because I don't like em. Okay, enough about vegetables. JEEZ PIGGY CALM DOWN! 

My intake for today is about 820, which is fine and I'm happy with it. It consisted of my regular coffee with honey, a pear, a peach cup, two scrambled eggs and a chicken breast. Amazing how much that is actually for 800 calories, fuck me. Oh and an orange, but I have eaten that yet. Anyway, hoping for another lb loss tomorrow, wish me luck. I'm going for a consult with my tattoo artist tomorrow. Boom!

Peace & Love
Xo Xo


Christina said...

Congrats on your detox. You're making great progress. Good luck with day 12. :D x

PrettyLies said...

Go Piggy!!!! Go! You can do eetttt!!! You're basically following the paleo diet. Try doing it for 8 weeks. Except for me it was no meat. Keep me updated if you're doing it again, I'll join you. I've been pretty healthy but I could go for a challenge.

WinterA said...

Sounds like you are doing pretty well. I am glad to hear the detox went well. That is always a good thing.

I may be a little late but loving the layout and new profile photo. You continue to do great things my friend.

Oh and yeah I am not a veggie person either. I am getting back into it but it is going to be mixed into a smoothie with fruits. Go me! Lol.

CJ (: said...

Congrats ont eh detox!! Sounds like it's going great!! ^_^

sofia said...

sounds pretty healthy! good luck with your weigh in and the tattoo appointment!

stay lovely. <3

Judith Marie said...

Awesome. You totally have to post a picture of your tattoo once you get it! And keep up the good work, any loss, no matter how small, is a success!

Marquise Seafoam said...

Hi Piggy, I'm new, but have been reading your blog for a while now. I really liked your "tough love" post and was hoping we could follow each other! Hope you keep up the good work with your detox! :)

ꜛⱴאּ Sⱥm ŁupiƝ ҂ said...

IM LAUGHING. 'Judith!'
I WANT CHEST BONES. omg you're so tiny fuck you.
ALL THE LITRES OF DIET COKE. im drinking some right now.
'because fuck you'. well i'd like to be fucked.... ;D
yummmmmmmmmmmy. coffee with honey <3
and ahahaha yes! i know whatcha mean :P
-Sam Lupin

Sarah. said...

hahahaha, i love this post! you're awesome :) aaah everyone is getting new tattoos recently, i want another one so bad! i'd love to see a picture of it when you get it done :) xxxx