Friday, January 4, 2013

So, 2013.

Well, it has been so so long since I last posted, okay well a week. But in that week, I feel like a lot has happened. I managed to fast until the 30th, when I went out and had a completely mental party with these absolute douchenuggets of individuals, but nonetheless had a pretty good crazy party. I actually am starting to think that I need to write a journal about my partying escapades, because they seem to just get crazier and crazier. ANYWAY, I really won't get into that night. But hellz bells. Anyway, so New Years eve rolled round and I was feeling... alright. Because of the drinking, there was a little eating and I wasn't feeling as thin as I may have liked by the time I left the house that evening. But I did end up having the most smashing time ever. I got ridiculously drunk (DRINKING ON AN EMPTY STOMACH FTW) and made out with a very cute boy... and then his friend, who turned out to be a better option, because he then shoved me into a cab and dragged my fabulous ass off to a party in Euston in an abandoned factory. Now let me state for the record that I was far too old to be there and far too... uptight lets say. There were no lights. No toilets. Just really loud music, strobe lights and fucked teenagers EVERYWHERE. Everyone was on drugs, everyone was on their own mission. We did a little bit of MDMA and then things got exponentially better. We then left that party, because the dude wanted to buy some coke. Which he did. aNd A LOT OF IT. And then we went back to a house party in Morden. And then something completely magical happened. I met this guy. Who is perfect. I have never had that kind of connection with a man since my ex and I sat on this hill on mushrooms talking for hours. And that is what I did with this boy. His eyes completely swallowed me. It was magical. The ballache of it all is that he has a very lovely polish girlfriend. However, I only met her the next day because she was sleeping. We exchanged contact details. I said to him that I respect his relationship with her and I would never want to break anyone up, but I think he's perfect and if he ever wants to give me a call, then he must give me a call. I haven't heard from him. Which is sad. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT? I found someone. Someone perfect. And that tells me. That there must be other perfect people out there. I'm not alone in this world. And Roy was not my soulmate. OH THE RELIEF!! I know it is so crazy, but I honestly never ever thought that I could totally be myself around another person who just one hundred and fifty percent gets me. And I did. And it didn't take me years to find him. so, there will be another. I can't tell you guys how much optimism that gives me.

2013 started on a great note. Now if only I can get down to 50kgs. So I'm realigning. This optimism has given me new strength to start myself eating in a way that will get me there. I didn't eat for two days besides the alcohol and then feeling like ass and needing to work, I crammed myself full of nasty stuff. Although. Not actually THAT much. So today I have had a small pot of peaches (91) and a coke light (0). I'm going to make myself some thai vegetable curry later and there will be coffee, because I have a lot of work to do. Tomorrow, I'm going to visit a friend in Reading. I'm quite excited. I have such a good feeling about 2013. I hope everything is going well for you all also. :) Maybe, I won't have to walk this road alone.

Love & Peace
Xo Xo


Little Miss Thin ♥ said...

I'm so glad you met someone who made you feel like that. :) xx

PrettyLies said...

Damn lovely, sounds like you've been having an awesome time. Wish I could totally throw all caution and anxiety away and do something like that like I used to.

It's nice that you found a perfect guy. I've been particularly hopeless in the boy department lately, I'm thinking it's never going to come. But I shouldn't be totally hopeless. Congrats on bringing in the new year right and finding that spark. :)

Mystic said...

Hey chick!
That's so exciting! It's wonderful you met that boy. Even better that it brought you optimism! It's amazing how one person can change your whole perspective. That's happened to me a few times. I miss the feeling!

Take that optimism and put it to good use! :)


Emily Anonymous said...

Yay for meeting someone, even though he has a gf!

Charlie said...

That sounds like a pretty fucking fantastic New Years :) I definitely agree, you need something separate to describe in detail all of your partying! I wanna hear moreee!

Judith Marie said...

Holy shit! That sounds crazy! Your NYE sounds off the chain crazy! Also, kudos for that amount of stamina. I would've passed out at the first party and never made it any further.
And yes, I've never believed in soulmates, there is always a number of people out there for you, just sucks when one doesn't pop up for a bit.
Also, reading all the stuff about England, god, it makes me homesick for that place, which is odd, because it's not my home.

liveanillusion said...

Now I really wanna go to a British party! It sounds like they can have fun!
I love when girls realize that they can fall in love with someone again and be happy :) But I guess it always takes some time.
I also feel very optimistic about this year! Something just tells me that I will have the time of my life if I only let myself do that :)

Katie Elizabeth said...

I just love your positiveness all over this post. And I'm so happy that you found somebody out there, and the possibility that there may be more. I love it! Stay strong my love.

lolita said...

its so wonderful that you met another person who made you feel like that. and it seems like your year is off to agreat start. have the best year of all.xx