Monday, April 20, 2015

April Weekly Weigh-In

Monday Weigh-In; 71.7kg 
Weekly Loss: 1.3kg
% Loss: 1.78
Total Lost; 1.3kg
To Go: 13.7kg

So obviously my overeating on Saturday fucked it all up, because this morning it was not good news. So much for sub-70. OH WELL! Onwards and upwards. 

Today I started my new job and it was better than expected. Apart from the archaic computers and lack of any structure. At all. I seem to have a talent for finding strange, troubled companies. Oh well. Everyone was at the very least quite nice to me and I seem to have the run of the place to do whatever I want - it's just a question of whether the rest of the company, including my boss can get behind me and do what needs to be done in order for us to be successful. 

They took me to lunch today at a sushi place (queue white carbs) and I managed to get a salad worth about 320 calories. I also had a latte which I'm pretty sure the girl who ordered fucked up and didn't get me a skinny so that was probably a good 150 calories and then some milk with my morning and evening tea which was another 50 at least and then I had turkey mince chilli con carne which must've been about... 350? So today let's say was about 900 or thereabouts. Which is okay and hopefully tomorrow will be a loss. 

Despite the bad week that I've just had and the fuck up that was my weigh in today, I WILL BE BELOW 70 BY MONDAY! 

I do already feel my depression lifting a little, maybe all I needed was a distraction. 

Peace & Love
Xo Xo 

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TheBurningBridges Brigade said...

Sorry about your weigh in hon but just keep in mind all progress is good progress so even if you didn't meet you expectations you still managed to lose weight. Good luck at the new job. I'm sure you'll be a hit there.