Sunday, April 19, 2015

Feuding On A Sunday

Today was basically spent feuding with David all day. I told him most of the truth about Friday night and suffice to say that he isn't happy. Of course with all the details he still thinks that I cheated on him and went back and forth passive aggressively accusing me of it. I of course, didn't cheat on him but that isn't good enough. So we fought and continued to fight and then he skyped me (he is in South Africa for two months) and I was basically talking to a wall - I would say something and he did even hear me. So I hung up and then he told me to fuck off. So he can fuck off. Like seriously bro, don't. 

Anyway, last night ended with a bit more eating than I would've liked, so I didn't weigh. Tomorrow is my weekly weigh-in. I have had about 600 calories today which has consisted of leftover saag curry (vegetarian) and rice, a diet lilt and some coffee. I'm going to stop here for the day. 

I went into this bag of clothes that I've been meaning to throw out for months now and it has a bunch of skinny clothes in it, including three particular bottoms that I have to be minute to fit into. I'm determined. 

*fingers crossed for sub-70*

Peace, Love & Skinny
Xo Xo

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désespérée de maigrir said...

I'm sorry you spent all day fighting via Skype. Long distance is really tough (I'm looking forward to my relationship finally becoming "real" in that sense).

I certainly agree with you that you didn't cheat on David, but if the situation was reversed, would you not be upset with him? I think that being honest with him was the best choice, but I am not surprised that he became upset. Maybe he just needs time to cool off... trusting someone when there are 1,000s of miles in between has a pretty steep learning curve. I am just hoping that you guys survive this. After reading your saga with Roy and all of the stuff in between, you and David seem stable and healthy, and I want that to continue for you!

Just my two cents...

Try not to stress about your weight (impossible, I know!). You've been doing great with your fitness kick and that's such an admirable thing. You are beautiful and badass!

Oh, and good luck with the new job! It starts soon, right?