Monday, April 27, 2015

When You Have To Talk Yourself Out Of Taking Sleeping Pills @ 6pm

Yep, so me. Ms. RS Fat Piggy. I am literally at a point of being in this lonesome terrible hole of misery where I get home from work and have to talk myself out of taking sleeping pills as soon as I get home from work. That all I want is to be asleep and missing my life so I can get through this work week. I'm just so over my job and I don't want to have to wait to get my CFA to change jobs. Any know an investment banker that wants to pre-emptively hire me? God. I just hate my life right now. I haven't thought about these feelings for such a long time... wanting to NOT be here. I won't try anything stupid, but. *siiiiigh* I hope I'm just getting my period which would explain this horror. I hate feeling this helpless. 

Monday Weigh-In; 69.4kg 
Weekly Loss: 2.3kg
% Loss: 3.21
Total Lost; 3.6kg
To Go: 11.4kg

Not a bad loss though. Maybe a personality attack manic asshole bullshit isn't a bad thing.


Peace & Love
Xo Xo


TheBurningBridges Brigade said...

I'm sorry you're feeling down, but I was just wondering not for nothing but is there a reason you unfollowed me? Was it something I said? Hope you feel better.

Mandy Devoidde said...

Hi sweetie,
hope you feel better soon, it sucks to feel so unmotivated.
Hopefully it is a monthly thing and you'll feel better soon ^-^
Take care dear (enjoy your gazpacho xp)
Mandy xx

Katie Elizabeth said...

It sounds like you're in a rut hun. I understand. I've been there for the past week. All I want to do is sleep and not partake in real life. That sounds horrible. You're doing really well with your weight loss though and I'm super proud of you. Keep up the good work, and remember that you can do anything that you're bound and determined to do. Lots of love.